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For many smokers, quitting smoking is a very difficult thing, which requires good methods, enough perseverance and faith to quit successfully. Withdrawing from nicotine can cause various problems, such as headaches, nausea, and even difficulty concentrating on the simplest tasks. There are many ways to quit smoking on the market, such as nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, etc., but there are actually more natural ways. Today I will share with you how to quit smoking with essential oils.


Some of the Most Common Symptoms of Nicotine Quitters


1. Dizziness and Tiredness


When the body adapts to a hypoxic environment, and then suddenly enters an environment with high oxygen content, symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue will appear, which is medically known as "hypoxia". Smoking can cause long-term hypoxia in the brain, leading to symptoms such as memory loss and mental depression. Once you quit smoking for about 12 hours, the state of hypoxia in the brain will disappear, resulting in "hypoxia".


Lavender essential oil is the best choice to solve these symptoms. It can be used to resolve stomach discomfort and relieve systemic pressure. Peppermint essential oil has antiseptic properties and is very suitable for solving inflammation and cramps in the stomach and digestive tract. In view of this, lavender room diffuser and peppermint reed diffuser are more suitable for this symptom. The method of using essential oils is best to use an aerobic machine or a diffuser to run as much as possible. The smoke smell accumulated in the room takes a long time to neutralize.


Lavender essential oil

2. Headache


The headaches caused by nicotine withdrawal are indeed more painful; some can become as painful and weak as migraines, which makes it difficult to concentrate memory.


Rosemary essential oil can invigorate our body and mind, so it is very suitable for bathing in the morning, and it is also very effective in dealing with muscle problems, so it is also an excellent choice for bathing after the end of a tired day. This essential oil with sterilization and disinfection effect can be used for migraine, headache and other diseases. This essential oil has even been proven to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by headaches, whether ingested or wiped temples, can reduce headaches. Although eucalyptus essential oil is not suitable for ingestion, it can also be used topically to reduce the severity of headaches and improve mood.


Universal air purification and odor dependence (some people just like the smell of smoke, even can smoke second-hand smoke, which is a serious drug addict) will need to use multiple series of essential oils, not only can taste, but also provide another positive the smell depends on. This shifts the habits of a smoking addict from all angles. Various effective essential oils are combined with aroma reed diffuser, which diffuses into the air in the form of small molecules.


3. Coughing/Sore Throat


Long-term damage to the lung cilia will reduce the detoxification capacity of the lungs. Once smoking cessation, the lung cilia will begin to repair, thereby increasing the detoxification efficiency. The symptoms of coughing after quitting smoking are to help detoxify the lungs, and the black sputum that is coughed out is also a lung toxin. It usually appears one week after quitting smoking, and how long you cough depends on your personal situation.

Lavender essential oil


Lemon essential oil can cut off the accumulation of mucus in the throat and respiratory tract, breathing more smoothly.


Tea tree essential oil works almost the same as lemon essential oil, but its function is more suitable for the treatment of throat infections that may be caused by frequent inhalation of smoke. Both oils are effective when used locally or with room scent diffuser.


In addition to the above symptoms and corresponding essential oils, orange essential oil and cedar wood essential oil can also help improve mood and provide much-needed relaxation. In the morning, orange wood and cedar wood can be partially applied on the neck or behind the ears to slowly release the aroma and help you spend a beautiful day. Or you can choose to place orange blossom diffuser and cedar sachet bags in the bedroom and living room, the effect is also obvious.

The above essential oils are necessary for quitters. If you need reed diffuser, room spray and other scented products to quit smoking, M&Sense has several suitable products, such as forest mist distingue devore 200ml reed diffuser, forest mist everyreen & silver birch 200ml reed diffuser and other scented candles.

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