Aromatherapy Candles For Relaxation

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Research shows that the UK is a country under great pressure. About 74% of people are so stressed that they cannot cope with it. Money worries, self-stress and lack of sleep are the main reasons why most people suffer from stress. Prolonged stress can lead to anxiety and depression. In the long run, it can cause insomnia and other stress-related physical illnesses, such as headaches, lack of energy, frequent colds, and poor resistance to infections.


Britain is a country for scented candle lovers. According to a recently released report, sales of scented candles in the UK increased by 71% between 2016 and 2019, a 33% increase from the previous year. After a whole day of work, best scented candles can provide people with some much-needed relaxation, and some can even promote sleep and relieve anxiety and depression. But the best treatment is aromatherapy candles because they are 100% natural and can heal our mind, body and spirit as a whole.


Healthline defines aromatherapy as:


A holistic rehabilitation therapy that uses natural plant extracts to promote health. Sometimes called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils in medicine to improve physical and mental health. It can enhance physical and mental health.


Therefore, aromatherapy focuses on the whole person. It includes the treatment of people's bodies, as well as psychological and emotional. Thoughts and emotions play a vital role in the physical health of the human body. In turn, physical health also affects thoughts and emotions.


Luxury scented candles play an important role in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy candles are made of 100% natural ingredients and scented with volatile candle fragrance oils. The following will introduce the advantages of some scented candles:


candle fragrance

They Contain A High Proportion of Essential Oils


However, for strong scented candles to work properly, they require a lot of essential oils. A premium fragrance candle contains about 10% essential oils. Some candles on the market are filled with cheap synthetic perfume oils. These synthetic perfume oils have no real healing effect, or they are pure natural candles that hardly scent. Therefore, we can purchase scented candles online.


They Created An Oasis of Calm


The reason why people like the natural aroma of essential oils is undoubtedly that their aroma is more comfortable than artificial aroma. The hypnotic aroma of fragrant candles combined with the warm glow of candlelight can transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary. Such a calm environment will promote your mental state, allowing you to relax, meditate or calm the nerves under stress, anxiety or depression.


They Calm Brain Activity


One of the benefits of scented candles is that the aroma they emit affects our brain through the sense of smell. The fragrance extends from the limbic system through the olfactory bulb, and the limbic system is the home of our memories and emotions. Therefore, aromatherapy is sometimes referred to as olfactory aromatherapy, because certain essential oils have emotional enhancement properties when inhaled, which helps to promote a calm mental state and enable you to relax. Therefore, the cafe owner will light coffee scented candles in the store, mainly to provide customers with a calm and comfortable and relaxing environment, while also dressing up the space. Scented tea light candles will also be seen in some high-end teahouses, for the same reason.


They Work on the Nervous System


Aromatherapy candles usually contain aromatherapy oils that have a calming effect on the nervous system. It can relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression and help people relax or prepare for a good sleep after a long and busy day.


The complex chemicals in essential oils can also trigger physiological reactions, thereby promoting a sense of calmness. According to the study of "Inhalation of lavender essential oil on the vital signs of ICU in open heart surgery", lavender essential oil has the ability to reduce heart rhythm. The study found that when the oil is inhaled for 10 minutes, sympathetic nerve activity is reduced. This sympathetic nerve activity is the part of the nervous system used to accelerate the heartbeat, so people will relax.


If you think these scented candles purchased online are expensive, we can choose to make homemade scented candles by ourselves. Common homemade scented candles include apple cinnamon candle, lemon scented candle, lemon verbena candle and so on.

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