Aromatherapy at Home: Incense, Oil Burner or Oil Diffuser?

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For incense at home, either an aromatherapy oven or an essential oil diffuser can be okay. But which one is safer? Which one will do harm to health? General diffusers include aromatherapy reed diffuser, eucalyptus reed diffuser, giant reed diffuser, etc.



1. Incense

In Egypt, China and India, aromatherapy has existed since ancient times. Incense made from some natural spices was to assist in trying to make pills of immortality and cultivate vital energy, edify sentiment, as well as for sacrificial incense.


However, incense is harmful to health. Studies have shown that inhaling smokes of incense is worse than secondhand smoke. Even after the incense burns for 100 minutes, the emission of the particulate incense that they release into the air will remain in the room. These emissions even include formaldehyde, a kind of carcinogen.


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2. Aromatherapy Oven

Aromatherapy Oven is a kind of utensil that emits the smell of essence in the air to regulate the atmosphere of the environment with the heating method (usually by boiling water). It combines ceramic art, candle flame and aroma health preservation, and has the functions of practical, collecting and appreciating value.



3. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffuser can spread the fragrance to all parts of the room more conveniently and quickly. It is a common tool for people who love fragrance. It is also the simplest and longest lasting method of essential oil fumigation.


There are only three components in the aromatherapy diffusion device, the fragrance bottle, the essential oil in the container and the rattan reed. In fact, it is a fairly simple vessel filled with essential oil and reed sticks, which introduce the fragrance into the air from the bottom to the top of the bottle. The bottles are easy to be found, and no matter what shape, size or color is fine. Glass bottles or pottery vessels are all right. However, plastic bottles are not recommended as they will be damaged by essential oils over time.

reed diffuser


The aromatherapy diffuser is very safe. It can spread the fragrance into the air without heating or burning. It is very convenient and can be used continuously, no fire and no smoke. Common diffusers include orange blossom diffuser, organic reed diffuser, thymes frasier fir diffuser, etc.


In addition, bamboo sticks also work. After putting the bamboo stick into an aromatherapy bottle for the night, there is still a wonderful fragrance in the air. The effect of closed space will be better.


In short, aromatherapy diffuser has the best safety, no fire and no smoke, so it is worth being chosen.


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