Benefits about Scented Candles

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Aromatherapy candle is a very interesting object and each fragrance is unique. Many people create a romantic atmosphere with scented candles. So what are the advantages of aromatherapy candles? Let's take a look at it. Common diffusers include perfume diffuser for home, room fraction reed diffusersbest fraction diffuser for home, etc.



1. The Benefits of Aromatherapy Candle


(1) Improve environmental hygiene, eliminate peculiar smell, decompose secondhand smoke and provide essence air.


(2) It is mosquito repellent, antibacterial, acarid.


(3) Soothe irritability, relieve pressure, insomnia, headache, and make the mood happy.


(4) Strengthen resistance, prevent disease and reduce hypertension.


(5) Improve respiratory tract, nasal sensitivity, asthma and other problems.


(6) Balance hormones, activate cells, and prevent aging.


(7) Refresh the mind and enhance the memory.


(8) Increase vital capacity.


(9) Add something wonderful to one’s home


(10) Burning scented candles is good for one’s physical and mental health.


(11) Choosing scented candles is a great way to give personalized gifts.

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2. Notes on the Utilization of Aromatherapy Candle


(1) Do not light ordinary candles and aromatherapy candles at the same time, because the former will absorb the fragrance of the latter. Suitable diffusers include gardenia diffuserblack pomegranate diffusersea salt diffuser, etc.


(2) The size of the room affects the concentration of the fragrance. The larger the room is, the lighter the fragrance will be, and vice versa.


(3) Before utilization, refrigerate for several hours to slow down the burning speed of candle.


(4) Try to choose a candle with a larger surface. Because when a candle burns, the more wax oil accumulated in the candle area, the stronger aroma it will emit.


(5) When the candle is burning, please avoid placing it in the windward place, so as to avoid the candle fire shaking and tilting, which may cause the unsightly phenomenon of wax oil combustion. It is recommended to keep indoor air circulation when burning candles.


(6) Use only one or two flavors each time. The sense of smell will be numb due to too many flavors. If more than one candle are lit, also choose the one with similar fragrance, otherwise the flavor is not obvious.


(7) Trim wicks regularly. Too much candle wick will affect the aroma. Trim the wick to a length of 0.5-0.8cm (Please turn off the flame first). In this way, black smoke will not be produced during combustion.


A good life is not necessarily expensive, but it must not be tolerated. Maybe it is just a cup of delicious coffee, a mouthful of crispy and fragrant bread, or a cup of fragrant candle smelling comfortable, which makes people see the appearance of a good life. Aromatherapy candles have become a way of regulating life. On romantic nights, warm candlelight and a delicate fragrance slowly diffuse. Especially when working hard, returning home at night, ordering a fragrant candle, soaking in a hot bath and applying a mask, all of the worries in the work will be thrown away.



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