Benefits of Scented Sachets

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Scent satchels are also known as scented bags and flower bags. It contains various herbs and other aromatic ingredients and contains a variety of strong aromatic fragrances developed by Chinese herbal medicine. Ancient sachets are used for refreshment and are also made with spices. Because their fragrance is suitable for many people, they are gradually changed to pure spices. Throughout the history of the world, sachet bags are actually worn on individuals as a form of personal deodorant. At the same time, the sachet has both insect repellent and anti-plague effects.


Regarding modern usage, scented pouch is put on the closet for mothproofing, because it can retain its aroma. Aromatherapy can also be used to refresh the room and keep the air in the room adequate and scented. Just put it on a small fire to evaporate the aroma and burn the expired perfume on it.


Benefits of Wearing a Sachet


Young people are most particular about wearing sachets. If they are lovers in love, then the passionate girl will elaborate one or two chic sachets very early and give them to their lovers before the festival. Many places in southern China have the custom of hanging mini sachet bags for the Dragon Boat Festival, which is also a way to prevent infectious diseases. Chinese medicine believes that the climate in summer is characterized by humidity and temperature, and bacteria are easy to breed, while sachets have the function of sterilization and improving body resistance.


Specifically, sachets have the effect of preventing epidemics, so some people like to put some sachets in sachets to prevent diseases. Sachets can also prevent mosquito bites. There are many mosquitoes in summer, so you can choose to put some Chinese herbs such as wormwood, clove, mint, lavender, patchouli, mint, etc. into the sachet. In addition, the scent of mosquito repellent sachets generally lasts for 10-15 days. Once the fragrance is gone, the mosquito repellent effect disappears. At this time, a new sachet needs to be replaced.


Many people also think that wearing sachets can prevent turbidity. Sachets can also help gods sleep peacefully. You can also put your favorite flowers or herbs in the sachet, which also has a good effect of preventing and relieving some diseases.


In modern times, we usually fill the sachets, pillows and eye masks with the calming aroma of lavender to make lavender for bags, lavender sachet pillows, lavender satchels and other related products.


scent satchels

Effect of Lavender Sachet


Lavender for sachets is suitable for any skin, can promote the regeneration of cells, can also accelerate wound healing and improve skin acne and abscess eczema and balance sebum secretion. Its scent can brighten the eyes and make people comfortable, and it can also get rid of mosquitoes and flies. Putting a few dried lavender sachets in the wardrobe can also repel insects and moths. Dried lavender pouches are placed in the bag, which can dry and increase the fragrance of the bag. Lavender sachets placed in boiling water for a foot bath can promote blood circulation. Lavender potpourri bags can be placed in the closet to prevent insects and moths. It is also the best gift for relatives and friends. In general, these sachets are a substitute for moth-proof balls, moth-proof wood, and camphor pills. These lovely sachets are made of 100% woven cotton, filled with natural lilac, orange peel and cedar slices. Cedar tablets help balance the aroma of other herbs.

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