Best Essential Oil for Colds

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Cold is a common disease, it can make people feel uncomfortable. Even if you only have a mild cold, you will suffer from sneezing, coughing, lack of energy, headache and other symptoms, and will last for several days. If you have a severe cold, you may need to rest in bed for several days. During this time, you will keep coughing and sneezing, which will make you uncomfortable. Although the medicine can treat colds, it does not quickly relieve the symptoms of colds. However, some essential oil air fresheners can relieve cold symptoms when you have a cold, making you less uncomfortable.



Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil bathroom spray is currently one of the most effective essential oils to relieve cold symptoms. But its smell is very pungent, so it needs to be diluted before use. This essential oil room freshener can relieve many cold symptoms, such as runny nose and sneezing. When you inhale the smell of this essential oil, you will feel that your breathing becomes more smooth.



Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil air freshener spray is a mild essential oil. Before using this essential oil, you can drop it on your skin. If there is no rash, it means that you will not be allergic to this homemade air freshener with essential oil. You can put a few drops of this essential oil on your neck or nose, which has a good relief effect on nasal congestion. You can also use a room spray containing tea tree essential oil. Spraying this spray in the room can also relieve cold symptoms.



Lemon Essential Oil

As we all know, lemon has an exhilarating odor, can enhance people's energy and soothe emotions, and help relieve fatigue caused by most colds. You can mix lemon homemade essential oil room spray and tea tree essential oil together and add it to the room diffuser. This can play a refreshing role. Keep in mind, however, that lemon essential oil is phototoxic, meaning that it can cause a sort of sunburn if it's on your skin when exposed to daylight.



Lavender Essential Oil

When you have a cold, you may become difficult to fall asleep, or sleep quality is poor. Fortunately, lavender essential oil has a calming and soothing effect that can help you fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep. You can use a room freshener made from this essential oil to fill the entire room with the scent of lavender.



Peppermint Essential Oil

The cold will not only make you feel tired, but also affect your digestive system. Sometimes, you cannot eat because of the cold, or feel nauseating. At this time, you can use a essential oil room spray containing peppermint essential oil to make the air in the room more refreshing. This will not only help you recover, but also relieve the symptoms of nausea.



Rosemary Essential Oil

Although rosemary is an essential ingredient in some of these mixtures, it is a powerful essential oil in itself. If you feel sore muscles, you can add a few drops of this essential oil to the bathtub and soak in the hot water, which can relieve muscle soreness. You can also directly use the room freshener spray with this essential oil to help you recover.

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