Can You Use Fragrance Oil in Your Wax Warmer?

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If you want to try different fragrances in your home, you have different options: fragrance sachets for drawers, room scent aroma clay diffuser and scented wax warmer. Before we understand the first two ways, in this article we mainly discuss scented wax warmer and whether it is possible to use fragrance oils in wax warmer.


The Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil


First of all, when I talked about oil, I was surprised that how many people use the words essential and fragrance interchangeably when talking about oils. The two are very different and are used for different reasons.


In short, essential oils are made from natural plant extracts and have powerful healing and health benefits. Fragrance oils refer to a scented liquid extracted or distilled from flowers, leaves, wood and other plant sources and other animals and plants. It is not an oil like linseed oil or petroleum, in a sense it is not a real oil.


Essential oils are essential to prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, mold, inflammation, and spasms, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration, and make life better. Some essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and make people's physical and psychological activities develop well. It uses only the original flavor of natural essential oils or natural plant extracts instead of synthetic flavors. Therefore, it is pure, mild and fragrant. It has the effect of aromatherapy and does not irritate the skin.


fragrance oils in wax warmer

Fragrance oils are more likely to cause skin irritation and respiratory diseases. In fact, this article delves into some potentially serious health problems related to certain fragrance oils.


If it is artificial essential oil, it also means that some chemical components in the aromatic oil may be different. But it is difficult to determine which ingredient is harmful to the human body. Therefore, you must be very careful when adding essential oil to the scented wax warmer and spread it in the air. Ultra-scented and long-lasting must be artificial flavors. For personal care products, such as shampoos, shower gels, and skin care products, the stronger and longer-lasting fragrance means that you must use artificial flavors, definitely not natural essential oils!


Can You Use Fragrance Oils in Your Wax Warmer?


Some people give a definite answer to this question, others are skeptical. Most wax warmers are not suitable for use with oil. Also, many oils are not designed to be heated and used to release odor. Therefore, sometimes it just doesn't work. When pets and children are kept in the house, whether the smell released by the wax warmer is 100% safe is waiting for verification.


However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Someone has provided a great solution to melt ordinary wax shavings with your oil. Perhaps you can choose best candle fragrance oils, which can produce good results to a certain extent.

fragrance oils in wax warmer


There are several products on the market that combine wax and essential oils:


1. Aroma bottle heated with wax. This fragrance bottle is cheap. However, buyers should note that the vast majority of fragrance oils sold on the market with this fragrance bottle are fragrance oil, not plant essential oils. For the human body, inhalation of fragrance oil has no physical effect. If it is only a few yuan The so-called aromatherapy oil must be made of essence, it is recommended not to use more.


2. Plug-in aroma lamp. The situation of this kind of aroma lamp market is similar to that of wax heating.


3. Atomized aromatherapy seat. The reason why this aromatherapy seat has an atomizing effect is actually an atomizer added. The atomized gas is the atomized gas of water, not the essential oil. And the essential oil dropped in the incense holder mainly enters the space by the principle of steaming.


In view of this, we can know whether the wax and essential oil are pure, and whether it is safe to combine with the wax warmer is worth considering. The most popular scent is natures garden fragrance oils, so it is best not to choose low-cost, unpleasant products.

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