Can the Essential Oil Be Put in the Wax Oven?

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The beautiful fragrance of essential oils helps us relax. They are part of our daily life. The essential oil can be put in the wax oven, but some very important safety precautions should be followed. Common diffusers include honeysuckle diffuser, grapefruit reed diffuser, room fragrance reed diffusers, etc.



1. What Is a Wax Oven?

A wax oven, also known as a wax heater. First put wax (also known as wax melts or wax pie) into a bowl. Then the wax is gently heated by a tea light placed under the bowl. As the temperature of the wax rises, it melts and releases its fragrance. There are also electric wax heaters that do not use open flame, which can be applied to distribute essential oils.



2. The Essential Oil Is Flammable

All essential oils are flammable to varying degrees, and each essential oil has a different flash point (temperature at the time of ignition). Lavender has a flash point of 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit), while ylang has a flash point higher than 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit).


Generally speaking, essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold immersion or solvent extraction. Essential oil is composed of terpenes, aldehydes, esters, alcohols and other chemical molecules. Because of its high fluidity, it is calledoil. This kind of essential oil is not flammable and explosive. However, the essential oil has a low ignition point and belongs to flammable liquid, which can not be carried or consigned for shipment in the plane. General diffusers include best bathroom diffuser, pink sands diffuser, eco friendly reed diffuser, etc.


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3. Safety of Essential Oil Diffusion in Wax Oven

Robert Tisserand, one of the world's experts in aromatherapy, has studied the safety of essential oils for more than ten years and even published a book on related topics.


According to him, it is safer to use an electric wax heater because no open flame is used. Equipment without open fire is safer. Burners / vaporizers utilizing open flame have great fire risk. The risk of fire is very high when the open fire is in direct contact with concentrated essential oils and very hot ovens, or sometimes with oily residues.


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Heat can promote chemical changes or oxidation of essential oils. Therefore, in order to prevent them from deteriorating and maintain their wonderful fragrance, it is necessary to replace them with new water and essential oil solutions regularly.


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