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Nowadays, the ancient art of crystal therapy and the new discovery of the energy of essential oil therapy are being combined with a therapy called crystal aromatherapy. In crystal aromatherapy, an efficient combination of crystal energy and aromatherapy energy of essential oils are combined. The result is amazing, because the healing energy of the mineral and plant kingdoms is synergistically enhanced.



Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils by fumigation, bathing, massage, etc., through the five major sensory functions of the human body, the absorption of plant hormones through the skin and respiratory system, regulating the eight major systems of the human body to stimulate the body's own healing, balancing and regeneration functions.

This can restore physical and mental coordination, eliminate depression, anxiety, anger and other emotions to achieve a feeling of physical and mental comfort. 


Crystal aromatherapy is a branch of aromatherapy. It is understood that minerals and plants give unlimited amounts of healing energy. Many crystals, herbs and medicinal plants affect our physical and mental health in beneficial ways. For thousands of years, crystal experts and plant experts have studied how to identify, separate, extract and combine energy to treat our diseases.

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Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses pure essential oils of aromatic plants to assist medical work. To be more specific, people extract essential oils with different smells and colors from different parts of various aromatic plants in nature, such as eucalyptus leaves, rose flowers, and bergamot peel.


Aromatherapy with natural aromatic essential oils, the purpose of therapeutic care is not only to correct the shortcomings of physiological processes, but also a philosophical concept corresponding to health and disease. Natural aromatic essential oil therapy provides a simple and direct treatment, which has many differences in the steps from traditional beauty therapy. In terms of the effect of therapeutic products, it surpasses the functions of general skin care products several times.

Nowadays, aromatherapy is getting more and more attention. It tries to bring the use of essential oils to a wider audience. Under this influence, the research of crystal aromatherapists is also more in-depth.


How to Use Aromatherapy Crystal Therapy?


The most common is to fully use aroma reed diffuser, reed diffuser sticks and room scent diffuser.


Aroma reed diffuser is a high-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment, and then atomizes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into the air to make the air full of fragrance. It can produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions and purify the air. The key is to achieve the effect of aromatherapy at the same time.


Speaking of the advantages of the aroma reed diffuser, because the best reed diffuser uses a variety of methods to atomize water and pure plants, so that the room adheres to a higher humidity, and a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions occur, polluting the air. Therefore, the effect of aromatherapy can be achieved at the same time, which can assist in the treatment of flu, hypertension, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a certain role in maintaining the nerve system, the cardiovascular system and the innovation of the human body.


And it is also very safe to use, because the cold mist generated by natural reed diffuser can 100% distribute and maintain the active ingredients of essential oils, making essential oils more easily absorbed by the human body and exerting maximum effects. The most important thing is to make the indoor air fresh. When a friend comes as a guest at home, you can turn on the room fragrance diffuser to make the air fresher and the whole atmosphere looks very stylish, so that the body and mind can be relaxed.


Under normal circumstances, 100ml of air wick reed diffuser can run for about 3 hours, while 300ml and 500ml are 10 hours. Therefore, the 100ml specification is suitable for use in places such as offices. The 300ml or above specifications are relatively suitable for use in bedrooms and living rooms. Lavender reed diffuser and rosy rings diffuser is common on the market, if you still want other fragrance, homemade diffuser oil sounds good.


Crystal perfumers can use crystals, crystal essences, essential oils and herbal extracts. This is a new field worth studying.

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