Do You Use Essential Oils Responsibly Around Pets?

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Advances in technology have brought new ways to use essential oils, such as diffusion through ultrasonic sprayers, air wick reed diffusers or atomizers. These devices convert oil into micro-vapor particles, allowing people to perceive the charm of essential oil invisible. The benefits of essential oils to the human body are self-evident, so have you ever thought about whether essential oils can be used around pets?


Take Precautions When Using Essential Oils


Adults do not have to worry about excessive exposure to essential oil vapors, but children, infants and pets must take precautions. Do not put essential oils within easy reach. When using essential oils, do not dilute 100% pure essential oils on the skin or ingest into the body. Because pure essential oils may cause skin irritation, rashes and even burns. If pets are not interested in or repelled by the smell of essential oils, please do not force them, especially cats, their reactions will be very sensitive.

When you are ready to use room diffuser oil, it is important to note that animals do not inhale the vapor directly and keep the room well ventilated. If your pet is uncomfortable, please change it to a mobile space. In severe cases, please consult a doctor in time.

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List of Safe Unilateral Essential Oils for Pets


Unilateral essential oils for dogs: lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, mint, geranium, rose, marjoram, sweet orange, cedar, Roman chamomile, happy sage. The dosage of dog essential oil is less than one-third of the adult dosage. Combined with pet breed, age, and acceptance for testing.


Unilateral essential oils suitable for cats: lavender, rose, geranium, orange blossom, jasmine (the pure dew will be more suitable for cats).


Lavender essential oil is suitable for the balance of normal skin and dry skin, and promotes cell regeneration and healing. Roman chamomile essential oil reduces skin itching and sensitivity, enhances skin immunity and calms pet emotions.


Although the effect of lavender essential oil is very powerful, it does not contain natural antioxidants. Therefore, they are likely to undergo oxidation reactions during storage, which will aggravate certain diseases of pets and cause allergic reactions.


Using this information, M-sense chose essential oils and formulated therapeutic mixtures to improve dog behavior and comfort. M-sense has the product called a smooth ultrasonic diffuser that emits powerful mist. The color-changing lights shine from the rows of paw prints, fascinating you and your fur baby. It is mainly placed on the kitchen counter, living room side table and bedroom.

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Generally speaking, high-power fans can spread essential oil vapor anywhere you want. But in some places the diffuser does not work at all, such as walking or traveling in the park. To this end, a wearable pet pendant came into being, which can be directly clamped on the dog's collar. Add essential oil to one of the included absorbent pads and insert it into the dog bone.


Although essential oils can be used to treat or soothe the emotions of pets, they may also cause certain side effects, so you must follow the safety principles when using them. The biggest safety problem of essential oils is that they may also have contaminants or other impurities, which leads to more serious safety problems, so which letter must be used when buying.


Please choose professional essential oil products, and they must be used under the advice of aroma therapist.

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