Essential Oil Pet Safety

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When using essential oils around pets, be sure to take some precautions. It is not recommended to use scented candles because this is a potential risk factor. It is best to choose home fragrance diffusers and essential oil room sprays.


Dogs are social animals. They originally lived in the natural environment. They are naturally capable of identifying and using plants. Their interactions and links with plants far exceed human cognition. Compared with dogs, cats usually have a higher sensitivity. Also be careful not to use essential oils around birds. Pets, like many insects and animals, will avoid unpleasant tastes, and will choose grasses that help digestion and itching of the skin.


When diffusing essential oils, make sure to do the following:


Animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, so in most cases, it is best to use diluted essential oils and provide a good ventilation environment. If pets are not interested in or repelled by the smell of the essential oils, please do not force them. Some essential oils may cause poisoning in the liver and kidneys of some animals allergic to them, especially cats. Their liver detoxification mechanism is very special, and they are very sensitive to essential oils containing polyphenol compounds. So please choose professional essential oil products, and they must be used under the advice of aroma therapist.

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Taboo for pets to use essential oils: the essential oils used in pets should be particularly gentle. Generally speaking, citrus, chamomile, lavender, and tea trees are safer. Essential oils with high ketone and phenol content are prohibited.


The use of essential oils in pregnancy pets is contraindicated: you must avoid the use of essential oils with meridian effect. More dangerous essential oils cannot be used, such as rosemary, geranium and other essential oils. It is generally safer to use orange essential oil during pregnancy. It is best to be directed by a person in order to be cautious about the use of essential oils in pet pregnancy.


The use of essential oils in pets with poor liver and kidney function is contraindicated: some essential oils can cause liver and kidney toxicity, and it may be used at low doses. However, high doses may be dangerous if they encounter poor efficacy.


Blood pressure pets are contraindicated in the use of essential oils: achyranthes, rosemary, sage, thyme, etc. should be avoided.


Diabetic pets are contraindicated in the use of essential oils: do not use angelica root, avoid fennel and hyssop.


Asthmatic pets are contraindicated in the use of essential oils: steam inhalation should not be used.


Epilepsy pets are contraindicated in the use of essential oils: Avoid using hyssop, rosemary, sweet fennel, sage, etc.


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Essential Oils Suitable for Some Pets


Sweet orange essential oil can improve the indigestion of pets, let the pet exude vitality, reduce stress, and increase the feeling of warmth and safety. Orange blossom room spray is suitable for this occasion.


Tea tree essential oil has a powerful sterilization function, effectively preventing the invasion of foreign bacteria and fungi.


Eucalyptus essential oil has a strong bactericidal effect for improving the symptoms of pet respiratory diseases.


The refreshing smell of peppermint essential oil can quickly soothe the nervous symptoms of pets, calm muscle tension pain, promote blood circulation, and improve depression. Peppermint reed diffuser is more suitable in this situation.


Rosemary essential oil clears your mind, relieves the tension and tension of pets, and stabilizes pet emotions.


Lemon vanilla diffuser oil can remove insects and remove pet body odor.

M-Sense has several essential oil products that are also suitable for pets, such as forest mist amber wood & spice 200ml reed diffuser and forest mist distingue devore 200ml reed diffuser.

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