Five Ways to Get the Best Bloom of Fragrance

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If you are familiar with reed diffuser, you will know that you can enjoy nature and fresh fragrance at any time by using it. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of different flavors, such as eucalyptus, lavender or coriander. If you love best reed diffusers, you really shouldn't miss these pleasant and refreshing scents.


Reed diffuser is an elegant and flameless way to spread your favorite home odor, because air wick reed diffuser does not need heat to release wonderful aroma. Therefore, they can be used safely in classrooms, offices and families, especially for families with children. However, common sense warnings are worth noting: keep them out of your children.



Working Principle of Reed Diffuser


How does the reed diffuser work? By sucking the best carrier oil for reed diffusers from the bottle and taking it to the top surface of the reed. They are packed in beautifully designed glass containers, so they are attractive for any decoration.


Maintenance of Reed Diffuser

For those who are new to nest reed diffusers, here are some quick tips to help you get the most fragrant aroma.


(1)  Choose the Right Glass Container

Many reed diffuser containers look great, but they don't smell as effectively as they've been designed for. M&SENSE fragrance diffuser is designed for uniform and lasting bloom of perfumes and has always maintained the best essential oil level. In addition, its opening is also an ideal size for fragrance.


If you use a glass container of your own design, it must be in the right proportion. The length of the reed should be at least equal to the height of the glass container, which should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to overturn.


(2)  Put your Reed Diffuser in the Right Place

Air flow helps the circulation of odors and creates the desired fragrance. If you need to adjust the air conditioning or other systems outside the room frequently, you may also need to adjust the essential oil reed diffuser accordingly.


(3)  Turn Over your Reeds

Scent diffuser sticks suck sesame oil from the container into the air and produce the fragrance you want. By flipping it regularly, you can keep its smell freshest and achieve the most fragrant effect.


(4)  Adjust the Odor to the Desired Intensity

If you need to increase or decrease the intensity of the fragrance, you just need to increase or decrease the number of reed diffuser sticks placed in the container.

 (5)  Change your Reeds Regularly

When the reed is saturated, it will cause clogging and reduces their ability to emit fragrance. Putting the used reed sticks in another fragrance diffusion oil can hinder the transmission of fragrance. Reeds often need to be replaced, so be sure to take some with you.


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