Fragrance——The Secret Weapon Luxe Hotels Use To Lure Guests In

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The next time you walk into a luxury hotel, take a minute to think about how the decor, lighting, music and smell stimulate your senses. Many luxury hotels are trying to attract guests with special fragrances that exist in lobbies and public areas to subtly change the mood of guests. Take Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Vdara Hotel & Spa, which lures you into the lobby with a green fig fragrance, while Spa & Salon Vdara fills its air with a pleasant grapefruit odor. The hotel industry is using different fragrances to regulate the mood of customers and to promote the hotel.


Today, many large international hotels, such as Sofitel, Le Meridién and Ritz Carlton, have spread their unique fragrance to every corner of the hotel. Some small hotels also began to pay attention to the benefits of fragrance. Therefore, many hotels sprayed room spray in hotels, and some hotels began selling perfume, room mist, scented candles and other aroma products.


Scientific research has found that fragrance can directly enter the limbic system of the brain, an area that processes memory and emotion. Aroma products is an organization providing consulting services for companies, which provides a variety of sensory services for consumers. Because the fragrance can evoke special feelings, such as lavender candle can make people relax. Therefore, fragrance can help the hotel to establish its own brand image. What's more, this explains why more and more brand hotels sprays air freshener spray or perfume in the hotel.

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Hoteliers hope that these fragrances will allow customers to associate their hotel with positive memories and emotions, as well as to build and promote their brand. The smell of wood and tobacco is more suitable for hotels like men's club with dark wood and leather. The floral aroma of citrus compounds is more suitable for garden hotel and SPA with fresh air. 


Although the signature fragrance is unique, many luxury hotels share a common flavor of perfumes and essential oil room sprays. Tea and citrus fragrances are popular, while fig-free fragrances are increasingly popular. Some companies offer aroma products such as fragrance candle to multiple hotels at the same time, so the smell in many hotels is similar. According to the survey, the fragrances of vanilla, citrus and green tea are people's favorites.


For the hotel industry, the success of the aroma products can not only increase the customer's interest in the hotel, but also enable the hotel to get more customers, and also enable the hotel to get extra income by selling these aroma products, such as room freshener spray and perfume. Many customers want to bring the fragrance to their homes, so they will buy the room freshener liquid from the hotel. W Hotels, L’Hôtel Le Bristol and Hôtel Costes in Paris, and The Langham Hotels all peddle forms of their lavender room sprays. For customers, it is a great thing to be able to smell the fragrance at home that can only be smelled in luxury hotels. Some customers will buy other products from the hotel and rebuild a hotel room at home.

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