Fragrances For a Good Night Sleep

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According to recent research, more than 30% of adults often experience some form of sleep disorder, mostly insomnia. Common ways to help sleep include meditation, listening to light music, and aromatherapy with essential oils.

In fact, there are a lot of aromatherapy that can help sleep, make people sleep more steadily, and do not always have insomnia. Only when their sleep becomes better can they work and study better. The most common things to learn are thyme, lemon and sandalwood. These types of aromatherapy are very common, and they will not cause any harm to people's bodies and have a sleeping effect. Specifically, lemon scented candle and sandalwood candle will play this role.


Mixing several essential oils to promote sleep is effective in improving sleep quality. Aromatherapy with essential oils helps relieve stress and anxiety symptoms, which may help indirectly improve sleep.


Listed below are several essential oils often used in aromatherapy to improve sleep.


sandalwood candle

Pure Essential Oil of Lavender


It can clear away heat and detoxify, clean the skin, control oil content, remove freckles and whiten skin, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, remove dark circles under the eyes, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. It has a sedative effect on the heart, can reduce high blood pressure, soothe palpitations, and is very helpful for insomnia. It is one of the best analgesic essential oils, effectively improves muscle cramps, and also has a good relief effect on sprains, muscle overuse and rheumatic pain.


The effect of lavender pure essential oil on improving sleep quality is obvious, so lavender related products are the most common, such as lavender oil burner, lavender room diffuser, lavender room freshener, lavender bags for sleeping, lavender scented candle and lavender diffuser oil refill, etc. You can purchase related products according to your preferences.


Coffee-scented Essential Oil


Coffee smells its fragrance to relax. Coffee gives the impression that it is refreshing to get rid of drowsiness. But as long as you smell the scent before going to bed, it can help you fall asleep. After smelling the aroma of coffee, observe the brain waves at this moment and find that the alpha brain waves, which are indicators of the body's relaxation state, appear frequently, and the mood can calm down. Coffee scented candles can achieve this effect, and people who like this rich aroma can buy it online.

sandalwood candle


Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot has a unique floral and spicy flavor. Bergamot essential oil is distilled from the peel. Although most citrus essential oils are known for their refreshing properties, bergamot is just the opposite. Bergamot can slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure. It also has a calming effect and reduces anxiety and stress. It is the ideal aroma to use before bedtime.


In addition, the scent of valerian root and Roman chamomile also helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.


You can use essential oils in aromatherapy in a variety of ways. The most common is to use them directly in the electric aroma burner. If you have strong hands-on skills, make a homemade reed diffuser or bath and body works room spray.

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