Handmade Lavender Sachets As Gifts

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Sachet bag is a kind of cloth bag which can emit fragrance. You can put lavender and other things like flowers in the cloth bags to make lavender bags with different odors. You can put sachets in the closet, it can make your clothes more fragrant. You can buy sachets directly from the mall, or you can make them yourself. The following describes how to make sachets. 



How to Make Sachet

Before making scented bags, you need to prepare some materials. You need two pieces of cloth of the right size, preferably cotton. You also need some dried lavender, rice, and lavender essential oil. If you don't like the smell of lavender, you can also choose other materials to replace lavender, such as roses, carnations, etc.


First, you need to put two pieces of cloth flat on the table. After that, you need to use a sewing machine and thread to sew the two pieces together. When sewing, you need to overlap the two pieces of cloth and make sure that their front faces are in contact. Since the two pieces of cloth are square, you only need to sew their three sides together. Snip the corners to give your scented sachet bags crisp corners and to prevent the fabric from bunching. Reverse the inside of the sachet to the outside and poke the corners of the sachet with a pencil.


scented sachet bags

Add rice and dried lavender to the bowl and mix them together. If you think the fragrance of the dried lavender is not strong enough, you can also add some lavender essential oils to the bowl to make the lavender flavor stronger. After that, you need to use a spoon to add the rice and dried lavender from the bowl into the sachet pouch. And sew the last edge of the two square cloths together.


If you don't like the fragrance of the dried lavender, you can also use other materials to make lavender satchels. If you like the fragrance of roses, you can mix them with rice and add a few drops of rose essential oil. After that, the mixture can be added to the sachet. Finally, sew the sachet.


When the sachet is finished, you can put it in your wardrobe or drawer. It makes these places fragrant. In addition, because the dried lavender sachet contains rice, so the scented bags for wardrobe has the function of moisture absorption. If you put it in the wardrobe, it can not only increase the fragrance of your clothes, but also keep the wardrobe dry to prevent mold breeding in the wardrobe. 


If you feel that handmade cedar sachet bags are troublesome, or you don't have enough materials, you can also buy scented lavender bags directly from the mall. Read the notes carefully when you buy sachet. It is recommended to buy the sachets made by M&Sense. M&Sense is a professional manufacturer of sachets. Their products are not only reasonable in price, but also have the characteristics of lasting fragrance and good quality. They produce sachets with a variety of flavors, and you can choose one that you like best. 

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