History and Production Materials of Ancient Chinese Aromatherapy

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Ancient Chinese dynasties paid different attention to incense burning. Incense burning is constantly deified, from the needs of general life to the needs of the palace, Buddhism, sacraments, and holy places; from the practical development to the noble and sacred.

History of Ancient Chinese Aromatherapy

Due to the change in incense quality and the rapid development of incense appliances, a variety of fragrant incense appliances are manufactured to meet the needs, beliefs and wishes of incense burners. According to the analysis of the number and age of the aroma oil burners excavated by archaeology, the most prevalent in the ancient times was the use of smokers to burn incense. The large number of aromatherapy burners unearthed in the Han dynasty proved that the Dang Dynasty paid more attention to the pursuit of ancient spiritual civilization.


The burners in the Han Dynasty not only had many varieties, but also had a large number. The aroma of ceramic aroma stone diffuser and aroma stone scent clay adds to the mysterious charm of ancient times.


The Tang dynasty used precious metals to manufacture the smoker, which is divided into two layers and three layers. The most famous is the "ball type universal smoker". The small scented oil burner contains high technology that surprised the modern people. In the Song Dynasty, a smoker was made with animal shapes to form a style. The Xuande furnace in the Ming Dynasty was the most precious. The gorgeous and magnificent cloisonne incense burner of the Qing Dynasty was innovated in its development. Incense burning practice has lasted for thousands of years in China, bringing happiness and pursuit to countless incense burners.

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The ancients have known for a long time that aromatherapy can beauty, relieve pain, eliminate fatigue and relieve depression. In ancient times, spices were an indispensable component in the daily life of Chinese imperial courts and wealthy families.


Production Materials of Ancient Chinese Aromatherapy


According to the shape characteristics, it can be divided into original incense, thread incense, pan incense, tower incense, fragrant pills, powder, incense, balm, scented incense, scented soup, scented bags, sachet pillows and so on. There are many kinds of spices. The most precious spice is agarwood.

The spice of the original fragrance material is made by simple processing such as washing, drying and dividing. Original fragrance materials can retain some of the original appearance characteristics of spices, such as sandalwood wood chips, agarwood wood blocks, etc.

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Thread incense is a common linear incense, which can also be subdivided into "standing incense", "horizontal incense", "bamboo stick incense" with bamboo core and so on.


Some incense and tower incense can also be used directly in fragrance oil burner.


Scented clay diffuser stone can promote metabolism, reduce fatigue, and help maintain respiratory skills. Aromatherapy can regulate physiological functions, nourish beauty, relieve mental stress, promote vigorous spirit and improve work efficiency.


Therefore, for those who pursue a high-quality life, incense is a good choice. It can not only fill the room with fragrance, but also increase the negative ions in the air, purify the air quality, and bring us a comfortable environment. Unlike ancient incense, now we choose electric essential oil burner more, because it is easy to operate.

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