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With the application of aromatherapy oven at home, create favorite atmosphere with favorite fragrance and enjoy the perfect fragrance experience at any time. Diffusers include pottery barn reed diffuser, aroma room diffuser, silver reed diffuser, etc.



1. Classification of Aromatherapy Ovens

(1) According to the Material

According to different materials, it can be divided into wood, ceramic, iron and glass. Wood aromatherapy ovens are usually made of sandalwood, sour wood and mahogany, which are good choices for fragrance lovers. Ceramic aromatherapy oven is one of the most common type in the market. Irony aromatherapy oven has exquisite and unique shape, solemn and generous. The cost of glass aromatherapy oven is relatively low and the price is relatively cheap. However, its shape is unique and the style is novel. It is an ideal product for purifying air in home, hotel, western restaurant and bedroom, etc.

pottery barn reed diffuser


(2) According to the Methods of Aromatherapy

According to the different ways of aromatherapy, it can be divided into electronic aromatherapy oven and candle aromatherapy oven.


Now electronic aromatherapy oven is the most popular type, which is widely applied in life and has advanced technology, green environmental protection, pure fragrance, no smoke, low cost, safe and convenient.


A candle aromatherapy oven is usually heated with a small candle. It is usually divided into two part. The bottom is a container for candles, and the top is a small bowl or dish for holding oil. It can be made of a variety of heat-resistant materials, including metals, ceramics and stones. Some aromatherapy ovens are not only practical, but also can be made into attractive works of art to be home decoration.



2. Essential Oil

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits by steam distillation, extrusion, cold immersion or solvent extraction. Essential oils are highly volatile and will volatilize quickly once they come into contact with the air, so they must be stored in sealed dark bottles.


According to the composition, plant essential oil can be divided into two categories, single essential oil and compound essential oil. Single essential oil is an essential oil extracted from a simple plant, without any addition, and is usually named after the name of the extracted plant. Compound essential oil is a mixture of two or more plant essential oils. The combination of different essential oils can enhance the curative effect.


There are many essential oils suitable for home aromatherapy. Some essential oils have a low flash point, which means they can easily catch fire. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether it is suitable for use in the home before utilization. Pure natural plant essential oils have the functions of sterilization, anti inflammation, relieving muscle tissue, purifying detoxification, anti spasm, etc. The effect is remarkable. Room diffusers include nest room diffusers, natural room diffuser, essential oil room diffuser, etc.


pottery barn reed diffuser


3. Some Points for Attention on the Utilization of Aromatherapy Oven

(1) Extinguish the candle when not in use. This not only prolongs the life of the candle, but also ensures safety.


(2) Keep away from pets and children. Because the aromatherapy oven and candle will heat up after heating, easy to cause harm.


(3) Only use the right essential oils. Because some essential oils are not suitable for aromatherapy ovens or molecules are easily destroyed by heat.


Adding different flavors and styles for home, aromatherapy oven is a good choice. Reed diffusers include high fragrance reed diffuser, blue reed diffuser, fumare reed diffuser, botanical reed diffuser, etc.

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