Home Fragrances: Trendier Than Ever

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Home fragrance is not a necessity in our daily life. The faster the pace of life nowadays, the more people need some spiritual and sensory comfort.


In general, home fragrances can be divided into fire and no fire. The most common fire fragrances are scented candles and thread incense. Common fire-free fragrances are rattan diffusers, fragrance sprays, home diffuser sticks, and perfumes. This article also focuses on this kind of fragrance without fire.


home diffuser sticks

The Fire-free Fragrance


The fire-free fragrance is divided into diffuser and aroma spray.


Fragrance expansion is a bottle of natural essential oil with rattan. The rattan absorbs the liquid and gradually diffuses the scent as the essential oil evaporates. It is very suitable for lazy people, because it will continue to scent there, and it can be used for up to 6 months or even 1 year.


Compared with scented candles, the diffuser is more or less lacking a sense of ritual, and it is not very able to create an atmosphere. But it is safer, more convenient, and more decorative.


The aromatherapy liquid contains 32-125ml of high-purity natural essential oil, so the effect of aromatherapy is the best, and it is also the fastest to evaporate. It will usually be used up in 3-4 months.


The fire-free fragrance is to absorb the essential oil to the rattan or flower head through the relatively volatile plants or objects, such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc., and then volatilize into the air to keep the indoor air fresh. Now girls are very fond of using fire-free aromatherapy, easy to use without worrying about safety. When choosing a fire-free fragrance, you can smell the smell, observe the liquid texture, understand the raw materials of the rattan, insert the rattan and smell the fragrance.


home diffuser sticks

Home Fragrances: Lifestyle and Innovations


More and more people are pursuing odor, and the demand for natural spices is increasing. The perfumes consumers want today are those that can truly restore natural aromas, such as the smell of the sea or forest. Today, the household perfume industry has also joined the trend of multi-sensory marketing. Many brands have launched home fragrances, which add fragrance to the room while also creating a specific atmosphere. For example, pair Christmas scented candle with food or drink. Victoria secret dream perfume attacts so many girls.


In this sense, M-sense has always been at the forefront of the latest trends, with designer perfume scented candle and home fragrance air freshener flower perfume being widely acclaimed.


Home Fragrance: Eliminate the Stench


An important point for home aromatherapy is to eliminate unpleasant odors (such as in the bathroom or kitchen), so the demand for sprays and wax lyrical reed diffuser is still very large. Baies perfume targets odorous chemicals that cause bad odors and eliminates bad odors.


In short, home fragrances are now more fashionable. They have a variety of smells and forms, each with its own characteristics. Today's perfumers must consider the types of applications they will use to develop perfumes.


I like to put fire-free aroma (diffused incense) in different rooms. If a friend comes to visit the house and notices the good smell at home, I will feel particularly happy.

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