How to Make Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Charms?

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Clay can be used as a dispersant for natural essential oils, making it a unique incense carrier in aromatherapy projects. Some clay essential oils can be used in cars, room decorations, or as gifts for others. The trick to using best reed diffusers is to leave the back of each diffuser unpainted. Essential oil must be applied to the blank surface of the reed diffuser.


Some Supplies


The unique fragrance diffusers can be made according to some commonly used items around us, such as: self-hardening clay; clay carving tools; small branch molds; acrylic paint; paint brush or paint sponge; jute, twine or copper wire and so on.


Instructions for Use


Before making a homemade diffuser, please pinch a piece of clay for a minute. Once it feels feasible, press it firmly into the twig mold.


unique fragrance diffusers

Use something with a smooth surface, such as a rolling pin, to secure the back of the leaves. That is, the side of the mold facing you is quite flat, so that the aroma homemade diffuser oil can be evenly applied around the mold.


Using clay carving tools, if not, we can buy them online, because offline stores do not necessarily have the type of carving tools we need. Cut off excess clay from the leaves. Cut off slowly to maintain the integrity of the mold design. Use an awl, which is also in the carving tool, and make a hole in the back, which can be used to pass the hanging thread.


Let the clay air dry overnight on a flat surface, if it is completely dry naturally and hardens.


Using a paint sponge or brush, start applying acrylic paint to the leaves. We can use natural colors to paint these works. If you like other colors, for example, you want to make a white company reed diffuser, you can use pure white for coloring, or use dark colors to make the dusk reed diffuser. The color can be changed according to our own needs. But we have to remember to place lighter colors first, and then gradually accumulate darker colors.


Now, the best room fragrance diffusers are almost stereotyped. Then let the finished product air dry again until the paint is completely dry.

unique fragrance diffusers


Next, we can connect the rope or wire. If we choose to use metal wire, then be extra careful when threading. If too much pressure is applied, the clay may break. If an individual likes to use wire, the size of the 20th wire is quite good. However, I recommend using fine jute or twine because it is softer on the clay piece and will not damage the clay.


Next we need to add fragrance diffuser oil or reed diffuser base oil behind the mold. The added essential oil does not need to be too much, two three drops is enough.


Room scent diffuser can also be nested in beautiful plates or bowls instead of hanging on things. If it is to be embedded in a plate or bowl, do not drill holes. We put a pendant in the bathroom or closet, leaving some small space for the diffuser. The moment you open the wardrobe, the fragrance will come out.

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