How to Make Homemade Reed Diffusers?

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With the improvement of living standards, we all begin to pay attention to the ritual sense in life. Essential oil reed diffuser has become the best product to improve the quality of life. I really don't love artificial fragrances, especially those with chemicals. However, it seems silly to buy an air wick reed diffuser for $20 or $30 in a store, because many of us have raw materials and can even throw them around the house. Therefore, we can DIY a fragrance diffuser at home.



What do you Need to Prepare to Make Reed Diffuser?

l A glass or ceramic container with a narrow opening at the top.

l Essential oil. If you need to make a variety of flavors, you should prepare as many best carrier oils for reed diffuser as possible, such as citrus, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. Sweet almond oil or safflower oil can be used as a base for essential oils. Vodka and water can also be used to try, which evaporates faster than essential oils based entirely on safflower oil, so you can decide according to your habits.

l Reed or bamboo string. It's cheap to buy reed diffuser sticks online, but you just need to cut off the tips before using them if you have bamboo sticks in your kitchen or craft room.

l Instruction manual. Oil base means that you should mix 30% essential oil with 70% base oil. Of course, you can also do an experiment with percentages and find the best amount for your taste. If you are using a mixture of vodka and water, you need to add about 12 drops of essential oil to 1/4 cup of water and a little vodka. Vodka helps to combine oil with water. Pour the mixture into your glass/ceramic container and soak the end of the reed stick in the solution. Then take them out and put the other end in the bottle. You need to repeat this once a week to get them spinning in the odor solution.



Notes to Remember in Making Reed Diffuser

l The smaller the bottle mouth, the slower the liquid evaporation.

l You can try different combinations of reed diffuser oils until you find one or two you really like. Then you can add batches and put them in sealed containers (such as cans) to save preparation time for the next production. 

 l You should know that some essential oil reed diffusers can be harmful to your dog or cat's health, so it's better to study whether the homemade diffuser oil you choose is toxic before you make reed diffuser.


The essential oil diffuses into the air through certain carriers (such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc.), so as to improve the air quality and make the body and mind relax. We should try our best to choose the manufacturer with quality assurance when choosing fragrance diffusers, so as to avoid the worries about whether fragrance diffusers are harmful to us. I wonder if any of you have ever made the best reed diffusers before? I'd like to know whether oil, vodka or water is the best choice for the substrate? If you have any experience or want to order best room diffusers, please let us know.

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