How to Make Your Apartment Smell Like a Fancy Hotel

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When you walk into a high-end hotel, you will smell a special aroma. You may not be able to afford a cocktail or a room in the hotel. To make your apartment smell the same as that of a high-end hotel, you can use some room sprays and candles to change the smell of the room. You can buy some room freshener spray directly in the market. Here are some common candles and room sprays to make your room smell like a high-end hotel.



Westin Room Spray

There is a special smell in the rooms of Westin Hotel, which can be smelled by guests when they check in. This smell can make people feel relaxed, so that they can have a better rest in the room. The smell comes from the air freshener spray. This is a room spray made of white tea, cedar, vanilla and other substances. When these raw materials are mixed together, they will send out bursts of fragrance and make you feel happy. If you spray this room freshener into your apartment, your apartment will be like the the room of Westin Hotel , allowing you to have a better rest.



The Fig Scented Candle

Fig is a tropical plant. Fig can be used not only as a food, but also as a medicine. The candle made of fig has a light aroma, which becomes more intense when you light it. Therefore, this kind of scented candle is suitable for bedroom or study. Its smell can make you more relaxed, can let you get better sleep, or make you study more efficiently.



Italian Style Room Spray

This kind of room spray made by Positano's Hotel has musk, bergamot and blackcurrant flavor. The hotel staffs spray the essential oil room freshener in the guest rooms and the hall to remove the peculiar smell. This spray is made of pure natural materials, so you can smell the nature in this room spray. If you spray this essential oil bathroom spray into your apartment, it will not only remove the smell in the apartment, but also make your apartment more advanced.



W Room Spray

W hotel is famous for its excellent service. The hotel rooms will be scented with lemon and lemon flowers. This smell is very refreshing, so it is especially suitable for use in summer. In summer, you can spray the room freshener liquid in your apartment. This fragrance can make you forget the heat of summer and let you feel the fresh air throughout the summer.



Renaissance R Diffuser

This molton brown room spray can make the air in your apartment become fragrant, like the Renaissance SPA. This room spray is designed by a hotel in New York. They mixed shish tea leaf, citrus and other materials together, and after some special treatment, they finally made the air wick room spray.


The above is about the introduction of several popular room spray. By using room spray, you can not only remove the odor in the room, but also make your living environment better. When choosing room spray, you need to choose according to your own preferences.

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