How to Make a Simple Scented Oil Burner

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Aromatherapy is now a very popular way of life, giving the whole family a clean, fresh, or attractive smell. Aromatherapy ovens for daily use also come in different shapes, sizes and designs, and are often more expensive. Many of them are powered by electricity, but some are simpler and only require a small candle to heat and send out the smell of essential oils. If people want to both save money and play the imagination and creativity, DIY(do it yourself). General diffusers include tuberose diffuser, room fragrance reed diffusers, woodwick oil diffuser, etc.



1. Preparation of Production Materials

-A can of vegetables

Can opener that will be opened from the side (Opening from the side means that the top of the can can still be covered by the can cover after the can is poured out, instead of falling into the can).

-A pickaxe (or other very sharp objects) and a hammer.

-Essential oil.


-Protective gloves.


woodwick oil diffuser


2. Precautions

Cans can be of any size or material, but tin or aluminum are most recommended. The thinner the tin material is, the easier it will be opened. Containers like soda cans and vegetable cans can also be chosen. 


For tools, prepare tools that are easy to pierce or cut. For example, the combination of pickaxe, knife, screw driver and hammer is most suitable for the drill of oxygen hole. Also cut holes with tin scissors, no matter how big or small it is, as long as it is convenient.



3. Prepare Cans

Take out the can and open the top with the side opener. Set the top aside. Empty the jar and remove the label (and try to remove any remaining glue). Finally, clean the inside and outside of the jar and leave it for use.



4. Create Airflow

First of all, introduce the working principle of the oil lamp. It heats the oil floating on the top with heat source (Power supply and candle flame are both all right), then the essential oil molecules diffuse into the air to create a pleasant smell in the surrounding environment. Oxygen is necessary for the burner to continue burning. A candle can not be simply put in and be covered, and be expected to continue to generate the heat needed to heat the oil. The holes should be opened on the can and let oxygen flow in to produce a steady flow of oxygen. Therefore, make several holes with pickaxe and hammer, and elect the number of holes as required.


nest room diffusers


5. Heating

Put the candle at the bottom of the can and light it. Put the lid back on the top. Drip or pour the required amount of essential oil on the cover, making sure not to spill on the side. Wait a moment and let the hot air penetrate the lid to give off the smell. Be careful when the lid is picked up, because not all the liquid will be burned off every time, and the heated can will be very hot. Be very careful to avoid empyrosis.


Because it is DIY, so of course people can have their own creativity. First of all, understand the basic production principles and methods. After familiar with them, boldly try more creative and better design. Diffusers include nest room diffusers, linea reed diffusers, grapefruit diffuser, etc.


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