How to Make the Fragrance of the Scented Candle Smell Stronger?

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There are two ways for fragrance to reach the nose from a candle. One is calledcold fragrance. The other is calledhot fragrance. Cold fragrance is the original fragrance of a candle that is smelt when it is not lighted. When it is burned, another scents will be smelt. In both cases, the essential oil molecules are released by the candle. However, it is more difficult for the essential oil molecules in unburned cold candles to get out of the candle and escape into the air. General diffusers include essential oil room diffuser, white jasmine diffuser, reed diffuser for large room, etc.



1. The Principle of Olfaction

Volatile chemical molecules in the air, such as essential oil molecules, bind to olfactory receptors when inhaled into the nasal cavity. Olfactory receptors are distributed on the surface of olfactory cells, which are located in the olfactory epithelium of the upper nasal cavity. After being activated, olfactory cells transmit electrical signals to the brain.


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2. Key Factors to Improve the Diffusion Rate of Essential Oil

The process by which essential oil molecules reach the nose is called diffusion. According to the law of gas diffusion, some factors can improve the diffusion speed of essential oil molecules from the aromatherapy candle to the nose. Common diffusers include best lavender reed diffuser, sweet pea diffuser, pink sands diffuser, etc.


The following is a ranking of the most influential factors to the least.


(1) Distance from Nose to Candle

The farther away the candle, the longer it will take for the essential oil molecules to reach the nose. This factor is easy to control.


(2) Concentration of Essential Oil in Candle

The higher the concentration of essential oil is, the higher the diffusion rate will be. More essential oils will be applied to higher cost candles.


(3) Temperature of Wax

The higher the temperature of the wax is, the more energy the molecules will get. They collide with each other and evaporate into the air, which then diffuses through the air to the nose.


(4) Viscosity of Candle Wax

The more viscous the wax is, the more difficult it is for fragrance molecules to diffuse in the wax. The viscosity of wax can be controlled by the temperature of wax.

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(5) Molecular Weight (Size) of Essential Oil Molecules

The smaller and lighter molecules propagate faster than the larger and heavier molecules. But it is not realistic for candle sellers to provide the molecular weight of essential oils.


(6) Indoor Airflow

If the air is completely still, it will take longer for the essential oil molecules to spread from the candle to the side of the room. Help spread the fragrance with a ceiling fan or a small fan in a candle diffuser.


(7) Size of Candle Melting Bath

More surface area can evaporate more essential oil molecules. The size of molten pool is related to the temperature of wax, which can be controlled.



3. How to Improve the Temperature of Aromatherapy Candle Wax

(1) Multicore Candle

The more wicks it has, the faster the candle will melt, and the hotter the wax pool will be, then the more essential oil molecules will evaporate into the air.


(2) Use Candle End

Candle ends are not only decorative, they can also retain the heat of the candle flame.


(3) Use Candle Scent Diffuser


In short, in order to make the fragrance of the candle more intense and lasting, improve the diffusion speed of the essential oil through the above methods. The diffusers include reed air diffuser, lime basil mandarin diffuser, linen diffuser, orange reed diffuser, etc.

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