How to Refill Your Reed Diffuser?

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At the request of many audiences, we are pleased to announce the long-waited reed diffuser replenishment solution on the market! All diffuser refills are already on the shelves of perfumes, which allows you to change perfume without replacing the diffuser bottle. If you have your own decorative diffuser or glass bottle, these are also a good choice.



Steps to Refill Your Reed Diffuser


Just follow a few simple steps to fill your old frosted reed diffuser bottle with your favorite reed diffuser oil and it will last for 6-9 months.


l  When you are ready to start replenishing your best reed diffusers, the first thing you need to do is discard the old scent diffuser stick and remove the wooden cap. Remember to keep the wooden cap in a safe place, because you will need it again when you finish to add a new reed diffuser oil refill.

l  Clean the empty bottle thoroughly and let it dry completely for 48 hours.

l  After drying, place the bottle on a non-porous surface (such as a kitchen counter or glass table) and insert the funnel provided with the make-up fluid into the reed diffuser bottle without corkscrew.

l  Remove the plastic cap from your rehydration bottle and use the funnel to carefully pour the homemade diffuser oil into the bottle.

l  Remove the funnel and replace the wooden cap on the bottle to ensure that the bottle is clean and free of any spillage on the surface.

l  Replace the reed diffuser stick. The reed needs to be replaced every time that the diffuser is replenished to ensure the strongest aroma. After inserting new reed sticks into your reed diffuser refill, you can begin to enjoy the fragrance you refill.

l  Be sure to recycle the plastic bottle, cap and funnel from your essential oil reed diffuser!



How to Choose the Appropriate Aromatherapy Type?


In modern life, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life health, so they have relative requirements for their own living environment. Hot summer makes our bedroom and bedroom smell terrible. Using nest reed diffusers in the room can solve this problem. But how to choose reed diffusers?

Jasmine, gardenia, Lily and Magnolia are very suitable for summer. Jasmine is pure and fragrant, which makes people relaxed and happy. Gardenia is like a vibrant summer, full of unknown hope and joy. The fragrance of sandalwood can make people enter a peaceful state in a short time. The provocative lily fragrance highlights the refreshing fragrance and brings the real feeling. White magnolia is white and elegant, which is the taste of wild childhood.


Nowadays, the best room diffuser permeates many aspects of social life. The volatilization of reed stick can evenly distribute the fragrance to every corner of the room. Because everyone's preferences and feelings are different, so the same fragrance by different people will have different experience. Women can choose according to their preference for fragrance or according to different auxiliary effects.

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