How to Save Drowning Wicks

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When lighting candles, we often encounter such problems. Because the temperature rises, the wax oil melts and slowly fills up, then it submerges the wick. So how to save the lamp wick which is about to be submerged? Common diffusers include aroma room diffuser, wood stick diffuserginger bread diffuser, etc.



1. Matchstick Instead

First heat the wire and make a hole in the center of the candle. Then put the match in the middle of the candle. When it is lit, light the matchstick. Although the match stick lit in the middle of the incense candle is not particularly good-looking, it is still very practical, which can immediately solve this small submergence problem.



2. Replace it with Cotton Thread

Because the candle wick itself is made of cotton wadding, as long as the same cotton thread is added to the unburned candle, the candle can continue to be utilized.

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Or in peacetime, prepare some spare cotton cord for wick in advance. After all, it is very normal for aromatherapy candle players to encounter such problems. Soak the cotton cord in the melted wax, and take the cotton thread out to dry until it becomes hard. Melt the wax and pour it into a tubular container. Before the wax solidifies, put the prepared cotton thread in the middle and dry it for reuse.



3. Stick Candles

Some stick candles are cleaner than others. They give off natural odors. If they are burned in the right way, they can last a long time without wasting any wax in the process. If stick candles are applied, the wick problem will not be worried.



4. Selection of Suitable Wick

The candle wick of different technology, different material, different size and different proportion of wax liquid are different. The key is to choose the best one. For example, some wicks are made of pure cotton material, which can ensure combustion for tens of hours without producing burnt black smoke and burning smell. Appropriate diffuser include best lavender reed diffusermagnolia home diffuserpomegranate reed diffuser, etc.



5. New Type Aromatherapy Candle Wick

Now there is also an original new spiral wick aromatherapy candle on the market, which is called self-filling aromatherapy candle. The new structure of the aromatherapy candle is a little different from the traditional aromatherapy candle. The upper half of the candle is hollow, and the wick is spirally embedded in the ring column. During combustion, the melted wax oil will flow into the hollow nest. Because there is a layer of solid wax at the bottom, so after the upper half of the spiral wick is completely burned, a cylindrical aromatherapy candle will be formed. At this time, the bamboo wick embedded in the center can be ignited again. In this way, this innovative design can not only make full use of expensive aromatherapy candles and never let go of every drop of wax oil, but also the wick will never be flooded by damp.

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In short, either replace the wick in time or prepare in advance. Only in this way can the process of aromatherapy candle utilization be smooth and not interrupted in the middle.


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