How to Use Aroma Products to Style Coffee Table

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The coffee table is the place to relax and rest, and is the core of your living room. There are various coffee tables on the market now, but if you want to make your coffee table unique, you can design and decorate it yourself. So how should you design your coffee table? The following describes the steps to design and decorate the coffee table.



The Theme of the Coffee table

When you decorate your coffee table, you need to consider the overall decoration style of the living room. If you want your living room to become warmer, you can choose amber decorations. When decorating the coffee table, you can choose some decorations with aroma, such as room spray, sachet bag, etc.




The Base of the Coffee table

If you have a marble slab, mirror tray or a huge blanket, you can place it under the coffee table as a base for the coffee table. If you want to read a book, you can sit on the base, put some desserts and drinks on the coffee table, and then enjoy the time of reading.




Dense leaves and colorful flowers can fill the empty space in the living room, so plants are also a good choice for decorating the coffee tables. If you are a flower-loving person, you can choose roses, carnations and other flowers to decorate your coffee table. If you don’t have enough time to take care of your plants, you can choose succulents as decorations. You can also buy some uniquely shaped vases to decorate your coffee table. In addition, you can put some floral sachets on the coffee table, which will make the air of the whole room filled with floral fragrance.



Aroma Products

The smell is an ornament that cannot be ignored. If your living room is full of odors, then you simply cannot rest in the living room, let alone study and work. Therefore, you need to remove the odor in the living room and leave some fragrance in the living room. In addition to flowers, some aroma products are also a good choice. There are many types of aroma products on the market, such as sachet pouch, air freshener sprays, and scented candles. These products often have multiple flavors, you can choose according to your preferences. You can put these aroma products directly on the coffee table, or in the drawer of the coffee table, they can continue to scent.



The Touch of the Coffee table

When you have prepared decorations such as plants, scented sachet bags or fragrance candles, your coffee table will satisfy your vision and smell. But this is not enough, you also need to decorate your coffee table from a tactile angle. If your coffee table is hard and cold to touch, you can put a layer of mat on the coffee table. This not only gives your coffee table a better feel, but also prevents hot drinks from scalding your coffee table.


The above describes how to decorate your coffee table. When decorating a coffee table, the aroma is the most easily overlooked. Different aroma products have different methods of use. The room air freshener can be sprayed directly on the coffee table, the lavender bag needs to be placed on the coffee table, and the luxury scented candle needs to be lit to release the aroma. Therefore, you need to choose the right aroma products according to your preferences.

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