How to Use Up All the Wax in Your Candle?

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The main raw material for producing candles is paraffin wax, the auxiliary raw material is stearic acid, and the trace raw materials are beeswax, fragrance, pigments, metal salts, etc.



Wax lyrical diffuser is one of the best room diffusers. In order to fully burn out the candle, how to use up all the wax in the candle is a question worth discussing. With a proper understanding of the burning characteristics of candles, you can effectively use up all the wax without wasting anything.


Regardless of the type of candle (mainly including daily lighting candles and craft candles), here are some tips for using all the wax in the candles.


fragrance candles

Let the Candle Burn to the Edges


The initial burning is the most important burning process of the candle, which is related to the quality of the candle and the length of the burning life. But as long as the complete wax pool is burned for the first time, you don’t have to worry too much about burning it later, because the candle already has a memory of burning. This applies to the burning principle of fragrant candles and febreze candles.


Burn the Optimum Length of Time


Ideally, these fragrance candles should not burn for more than three hours each time. After more than three hours, the wax oil will burn on its own, affecting the spread of the candle's fragrance, and also causing other problems such as overheating of the candle cup, mushroom heads, and black smoke. The molten wax pool can be extended to the side of the container to optimize the burning time. This can be done with a suction rope trimmer, or you can tap the excess suction rope with your fingers.


Keep the Candle Flame Away from Any Air Flow


Similarly, prevent exposure of burning scented pillar candles to air conditioners, fans, heavy traffic, or open windows. The moving air can affect the flame and form unattractive black spots on the glass.


febreze candles

Use Professional Tools


There are three kinds of tools generally used when best scented candles are used: candle wick shear, igniter, and candle extinguisher.


Using a wick trimmer, make sure to trim the wick to the proper length-ideally 1/8 inch-and make sure there are no remaining trims in the wax.


Generally scented candle cups are relatively narrow, especially after burning for a while, scented wax melts are relatively fast. A special wick shear can trim the length of the burned wick easily.


To use an igniter without a lighter is also because after burning deeper, the lighter can't reach the candle wick and it is easy to burn your hands. If you want to pay attention to the ritual sense, using a special fragrance match is also a good choice. If you are keen to go to the antique market, you can find a uniquely shaped candle extinguisher.


Remember to twist the candle wick every time you burn it, keeping the candle wick in the center of the wax pool, so that strong scented candles will not be tilted sideways to burn out the uneven shape. Cover the scented candles when they are not burning, so that the scent is not easily volatilized, and it is not easy to fall on the candle surface.


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