How to Use Wax Melts?

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What is wax melts? It can be understood as a scented candle without a wick. They come in all shapes, sizes and smells. Reed diffusers include dunelm reed diffuser, rose reed diffuser, non toxic reed diffuser, etc.



1. Oil Burner

Is it okay to use wax melts for oil burner? The answer is yes. Because wax heaters and oil heaters heat their contents with similar techniques, so both of them are universal. However, it should be noted that if the two odors are not completely compatible, they may produce unpleasant flavors. Diffusers include gingerbread diffuser, peppermint reed diffuser, natural room diffuser, etc.



2. Pan Heating

The best usage of wax melts is to melt wax and release aroma into the air.


A pan can be placed on the stove to melt the wax melts. Heat a little water in a medium-sized pot. Put a small pot in the water and melt the wax in the pot. Here it should be noted that when the wax is dry, it will harden again and it will be difficult to clean smaller pans. Tin foil can be coated on the bottom of the small pan in advance, which is convenient to be cleaned up after utilization.


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3. Will Wax Melts evaporate?

When the wax melts, it does not evaporate like a candle. After several times of heating, their aroma will gradually dissipate, but the wax itself will remain. What to do with the remaining wax?


(1) If there are drawers or sliding doors that are not easy to be pulled, apply a little wax on the rails of the drawers or drop some wax into the slot of the sliding doors to make them slide freely.


(2) The corners of the book may roll up easily after a few turns. Melt a small section of the candle and drop wax at the corner of the book so the book will roll up.


(3) The old wax is melted into any shape by mould, and its unique shape can be applied as home decoration.


(4) Zippers on coats, jeans, tents and sleeping bags sometimes wear to stick. Rub some wax on the zipper to make it slide freely again.


(5) Old wax can be utilized to repair dents in wood furniture or wood floors. Put some wax on the scratch.


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4. Make candle with Wax Melts

It is pretty good to make candles with wax melts. Most big shops or drugstores sell coated wicks. When the wax melts, pour it into any container wanted, and then put the wick in the wax. When the wax is dry, it will hold the wick and light it like a normal candle. Tea cup, coffee cup, glass cup, tin can and other personalized cans can all be applied.


In addition, two or more smells can be combined to create a new fragrance, such as Vanilla and jasmine, chamomile and lavender, vanilla and orange, lavender and ylang, vanilla and lilac, etc. General diffusers include aroma room diffuser, orange reed diffuser, neroli diffuser, bamboo reed diffuser, etc.

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