How to create scented candle using old, leftover candles?

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During this COVID-19 quarantine period, most people have a deep cleaning of their home. Then you will be surprised to find that corners and shelves are full of unused candles or old batteries. For old batteries, you'd better put them in a special recycling bin, and remember not to throw them on the ground. For the old candles, you better not throw them away. The following provides you with a solution to turning waste into treasure. These candles can be used not only as decorative pieces, but also as aromatherapy tools.


Candle Design


The type, aroma and style of the candle are determined by your imagination. You can choose to make brightly colored scented candles and add natures garden fragrance oils and aromatic herbs to them. The following provides some very simple steps.


Steps to Making Scented Candles


What do you need:

Leftover, old candles (use only odorless candles), crayons (coloring), wooden sticks, olive oil, a pot of boiling water, candle containers, essential oils (scents you like), herbs and clothesline clips.


Step 1: Highlights


The wooden wick is easy to ignite. If you can't find the right size wooden stick at home, cotton core is also a good substitute. First cut the wooden stick to a suitable size, slightly higher than the length of the container. Soaking wooden sticks in olive oil will help to improve the burning quality when lighting candles.


Step 2: The Wax


Use a large knife to cut the candle into small pieces, which makes it easier to melt. Before that, you should remove the dirt on the surface of the candle. Do not try to use it in a microwave oven because the wax will explode and it is difficult to clean when it is dry. Put a small piece of wax in a boiling pan and let it melt completely. If you want colored candles, just put a little crayon into the pot to achieve this effect. Food coloring or writing ink will not play the same role.


fragrance oils in wax warmer

Step 3: Essence


Finally, add your favorite essential oil. Lavender scented candle and rosemary are ideal for relaxation and meditation.


Pine essential oil is the strongest anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect of all essential oils.


Peppermint scented candles have a refreshing effect and can heal stomach and digestive tract discomfort. It can also prevent influenza and help respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. Pregnant women are not suitable for application.


Camomile can balance the mind and body and soothe people's emotions. It is very suitable for children and pregnant women.


Vanilla candle can also repel mosquitoes, fleas and lice. 


The essential orange oil or grapefruit oil can revitalize the spirit. Orange scented candles and apple cinnamon candle exude a hint of fruity aroma.


Personally, I will add tea tree oil to make scented tea light candles. As we all know, tea tree effectively improves the skin's water-oil balance and is particularly effective for acne muscles. I usually turn on scented tea lights to sleep in summer.


Step 4: Pour the Wax


After completing the first 3 steps, you can pour it into the container. After pouring the wax, insert the candle wick and fix it with a clothesline clamp. After the wax slowly solidifies, you can remove the clothesline clip and a beautiful small scented candle is complete.

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