Introduction of Ten Aromatherapy Products

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M and Sense (Suzhou) Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. established in 2009 and has always been committed to doing stylish home fragrance products. It tapped into online sales in 2017. Let's learn about some of the company's major products below. Diffusers including thymes diffuser, fragrance reed diffuser, orange blossom diffuser, etc.



1.Every Moment Series Pomegranate Noir 150ml Reed Diffuser

Black pomegranate flavor has a kind of woody fragrance, so if people like the wood flavor in particular, this one can be chosen. It also has a sweet taste and warm every corner of the room, full of romantic warmth.



2.Every Moment Series Bluebell 150ml Reed Diffuser

Bluebell is a plant that grows in northern Eurasia. Its vigorous blue flower buds bloom in the shade of shady trees. Blue campanula is not sweet and greasy. It has the unique green grass flavor of canterburybells, simple and fresh. It is more suitable for fragrant sleep in the bedroom.



3.Every Moment Series English pear & freesia 100ml Room Spray

White Freesia surrounded by the first ripe pear, sweet and elegant. It allows people to create a personalized space full of fragrance.



4.Every Moment Series Orange Blossom 300g Wax Refill

Orange flower, also known as bitter orange flower, refers to the white petals of bitter orange. Its fragrance features light, delicate and fresh, making people feel calm and gentle. The sweet fragrance of orange blossom not only helps to release pressure and calm emotions, but also has the effect of stabilizing nerves and anti spasm. It is most suitable for use in bedrooms before going to bed. It has good sleeping effect and can eliminate the feeling of fatigue and impatience.



5.Neo Fresh Collection Lavender Sage 150g Scented Candle And 100ml Room Spray

Lavender essential oil aromatherapy has the functions of purifying skin, anti infection, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, improving the damaged skin, and making people relax and rest. The essential oil of sage has the effect of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, relieving headache, and can also be for beauty. The combination of the two can improve hypertension, relieve headache and related pains. General diffuser include smell diffuser, wax lyrical diffuser, nest diffuser, etc.

fragrance reed diffuser

6.Sound of Wind Collection Forest Feast 320g Scented Clay And 50ml Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Amber musk has the function of calming the nerves, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, enlightening the mind and arousing the mind. It matches musk with strong and unique fragrance, and always let the fragrance have a beautiful temperament. The combination of the two has unlimited possibilities. Patchouli is gorgeous, and other spice elements fully show their own unique personality, but they do not dominate at all.



7.As Simple As Color Collection Arabian Night 70g*2 Scented Candle Set

Rose fragrance is fresh and natural, elegant and romantic. Sometimes it reminds people of the fresh fragrance of the dew soaked roses in the morning. Its mixing with other fragrances can always transform out different fragrances.



8.Every Moment Series Silk blossom 150ml Reed Diffuser

The aroma of orange is refreshing, which makes people positive. The refreshing fruit fragrance also has the effect of calming the mind, which is conducive to sleep.



9.Every Moment Series Black Vetyver Cafe 150ml Reed Diffuser

Lemon fragrance helps to improve restlessness, enhance judgment, freshen the mind and boost spirit. The real mocha coffee not only has a natural chocolate aftertaste, but also has a little rich aroma of wine, bright and unique.



10. Every Moment Pomegranate Noir 310g Scented Candle

The fragrance of clove makes people calm, and has the functions of dispelling wind, dispersing cold, regulating qi and refreshing brain. The aroma of lemon is refreshing. Sweet scented osmanthus is also refreshing, long-lasting, charming and elegant. These different flavors are mixed and intoxicating.


M and Sense (Suzhou) Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. produce all kinds of diffusers and reed diffusers, including air wick reed diffuser, best room diffusers, best room fragrance diffusers, natural reed diffusers, etc. Welcome to patronize.

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