Maintenance and Cleaning of Aromatherapy Oven

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Aromatherapy oven, also known as essential oil burner, flavor furnace, incense burner and so on, which is one of the ways to add fragrance to the living room. It is suitable for office, bedroom and other places to make people relax. Common diffusers include bathroom scent diffuser, rose reed diffuser, pomegranate reed diffuser, etc.



1. Classification of Aromatherapy Oven

According to different materials, it can be divided into wood, ceramic, iron and glass.



2. Selection of Material for Aromatherapy Oven

Since high temperature will be generated when it is burned, metal and ceramics are preferred for the selection of materials for the aromatherapy oven. When in purchase, try it out first to see whether it is convenient to burn and the residue is easily be cleaned up, and whether the design of the aromatherapy oven is safe.


pomegranate reed diffuser


3. The Function of Aromatherapy Oven

Fragrance can create a romantic atmosphere, making people feel warm and comfortable, and stimulating people's potential immune ability. Reed diffusers include peppermint reed diffuser, natural room diffuser, citronella reed diffuser, etc.


(1) Beautify and embellish the environment and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


(2) Remove indoor odor caused by various reasons, including lampblack, smell from newly decorated house furniture and toilet odor, etc.


(3) With charming fragrance, keep the mood comfortable.


(4) The fragrance has a calming, stress relieving and concentration regulating effect.



4. Maintenance and Cleaning of Aromatherapy Oven


(1) Iron Aromatherapy Oven 



A. Pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times. Especially after practical use, wipe clean with wet paper towel, or brush away the ashes outside with cloth.


B. Be kept off moisture for iron aromatherapy oven and avoid rusting.



A. Pull off the plug, and wait for the temperature to cool. Scrape the ash with a small spoon.


B. Make the paper towel slightly wet, and wipe iron aromatherapy oven  clean, or brush it with vegetable cloth before reuse.


(2) Ceramic Aromatherapy Oven 


A. Dilute with 1:50 ratio with acid cleaner, all-round cleaner, exterior wall cleaner and cement remover.


B. Make cleaning sample and determine the dilution ratio of specific detergent.


pomegranate reed diffuser


A. Immerse the ceramic aromatherapy oven in a water bucket with detergent.


B. Roll and wipe the surface of the aromatherapy oven to remove the dirt with water containing detergent solution.


C. Rinse with clean water to make the surface free of dirt and residue of detergent solution.


Create an atmosphere loved and enjoy the perfect fragrance experience at any time with the aromatherapy oven in the living room, bedroom, study, office and other favorite places. It can also be applied as housewarming gifts, business gifts, sickness consolation gifts and so on.


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