Make Mum's Day With The Gift of Scented Candle!

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Do you love your mother? I believe that almost everyone loves their mother, so showing her that you care is your priority. Every year there is a mother's day, which is a good opportunity for you to show your mother care. On this day, you can help your mother cook a delicious meal at home, help her do some housework, or you can give her some presents.

Among all kinds of gifts, scented candle is the most suitable gift for your mother. 



What is a Scented Candle

There's nothing more beautiful than the gorgeous fragrance candles handmade by the candlestick maker. These luxury scented candles are delicate and mellow, and the best scented candles can be made only by using the best materials. Therefore, scented candles are a great gift for your mother. 


Your mother is the best person in the world for you, and M&Sense's strong scented candles are rare. Although it is not as unique as your mother, each strongest smelling candle is handmade. In addition, M&Sense makes scented candles with carefully selected materials. Each scented candle is made of natural materials, making it an ideal mother's Day gift. The candle also contains pure natural essential oil, which enables it to emit fragrance for a long time.

strong scented candles


Each scented soy candle is carefully designed and manufactured by M&Sense company. In addition, the outer packaging of the lavender scented candle is also very exquisite. In order to improve the appearance of the candle, M&Sense specially designed a suitable and beautiful outer package for scented candles. The packing box we use is of high quality, and there is a small card in the box. You can write some blessing words on the card. The packaging box also shows the production date and material of each candle in detail, so that you can better understand our products. 


Mums love pretty things and they also adore fragrance.  Whether it’s indulging in a brand new perfume from her favourite department store or enjoying the scents emitting from the garden. Our products have many different odors for consumers to choose from. If your mother loves flowers, you can give her small scented candles with flower fragrance. You can choose the natural scented candles that contains rose essential oil to make the whole room full of rose fragrance. If your mother loves fruit, you can also choose candles with orange fragrance. These fragrances can not only rejuvenate your mother, but also make the air in the whole room fresh and make people relaxed.



It Lasts Longer Than Flowers

Although a flower can also give off fragrance, if the flower dies, it will stop emitting fragrance. Under normal circumstances, the duration of fragrance from flowers does not exceed a week. Compared with flowers, lemon scented candle can emit fragrance for a long time. You just put the candle in a table or drawer. In addition, if you light the aroma candle, it will emit a stronger fragrance. But if the scented candle is completely burned, it will no longer emit fragrance. 

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