Make the Most of Your Festive Diffusers

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The best reed diffuser can be used for 6-9 months and the length of time depends on your preferred flavor concentration. Most people don't realize that you can store the fragrance diffuser when it's not needed.



How to Prolong the Service Life of Reed Diffuser?


You can use your favorite air wick reed diffuser for 3 years by following these simple steps!


l  When you are ready to use the new reed diffuser, loosen the wooden cover and pry open the plastic plug.

l  Put the plug in an airtight zip pocket and put the lid back on the bottle. Remember to keep the plug in a safe place where you remember it, because you will need to use it later.

l  Put the reed diffuser stick in your reed diffuser bottle without corkscrew and you can start to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the diffuser.

l  When you need to change a fragrance for your room, the first thing you need to do is to find the zipper bag where you keep the plastic bottle stopper and remove the plug from the bag.

l  Remove the reed stick from the frosted reed diffuser bottle and put it in the bag. Remember to seal the bag to make it airtight.


If you can't find the cork, don't panic and just contact us. We will send you a new plug by first class. By this way, you can store your diffuser bottles and scent diffuser sticks so you can enjoy them again.



Notes on the Use of Reed Diffuser


Nest reed diffuser is much more practical than ordinary spray. Ordinary air fresheners are sprayed once a day and the aroma is too strong. The natural fragrance of essential oil reed diffuser is fresh and not heavy. A reasonable number of reed sticks can make your aroma achieve the best effect. However, you also need to pay attention to the following:


l  Be careful that the homemade diffuser oil splashes into your eyes when you take out the cane. If it is splashed, wash it with water.

l  Finish the best room diffuser in the evening. In this way, you can smell the faint fragrance when you get up the next morning and your mood will be much more comfortable.

l  Glass bottle mouth with hole plug. Because the reed diffuser oil is volatile, the glass bottle with larger mouth will generally use the plug with hole. Stick the reed into a plug with a hole to make the fragrance more durable and less wasteful.

l  The number of reed sticks should be placed reasonably. You need to adjust the volatile concentration according to the storage space. For example, some reed diffuser oils can be put more if they belong to the fragrance type.


Fragrance diffuser is a safe, hygienic and convenient aromatherapy, which is all in a suit and equipped with reed stick. If you need more knowledge about reed diffuser, you can consult the M&SENSE customer service and they will be very enthusiastic for answering you.

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