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When we lift the lid on the best scented candle, we will feel an inexplicable sense of excitement, similar to popping a champagne cork or opening a beautiful rose hanging bouquet. Below we have organized a series of practical techniques to solve some of the problems we encountered in the use of scented candles, such as traces of smoke, uneven burns, wick trimming, etc., in order to make full use of the life of the candle.


The service life of candles is usually related to the wax pool. Therefore, in order to extend the life of candles and maximize the fragrance emitted by candle fragrance oils, we need to ensure that a uniform wax pool is created on the entire surface of the scented candle when it is first used. What is wax? Generally speaking, the wax pool refers to the wax water that melts after the candle burns. The longer the candle burns, the larger the wax pool will become.


After using the scented candle for the first time, the wax pool will create the candle's unique "memory" or imprint, that is, it will continue to follow the shape of the previous wax pool, and avoid any strange hollow shapes. After that, every time we rematch the fragrance candle, we must ensure that the entire candle surface burns evenly. Because it will release a stable, aromatic aroma.


The candle will eventually burn out. Once the entire candle becomes liquid, don't let the candle burn for more than an hour, otherwise an unnoticed will cause a fire.


fragrance oils in wax warmer

In addition, trim the wick of the candle to 5 mm before each luxury scented candles are lit, while keeping lit candles away from well-ventilated home corners or curtained windows. This will naturally burn the candle, help to form a uniform wax pool and prolong the burning time of the candle.


No matter when the candle is lit, always carefully check whether there is at least 1 cm of wax on the bottom of the candle after a certain time to ensure that the flame never touches the bottom to avoid causing a fire. After the scented candle burns, we can wash our decorative glass jar and refill a candle, or we can reuse it as a souvenir to beautify our room.


In our pursuit of romantic and aromatic home life, although we will not stop using a series of candles, such as patchouli candles, febreze candles, cinnamon candles, etc., but when using candles at home, we need to pay attention to it. Although we are decorating our family space with festoons and creating a wonderful and fragrant personalized home environment, we also need to remember the following small things.


If the glass breaks, never use candles.


Do not leave the candle unattended while the candle is burning.


Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.


Keep the candle away from any place that may catch fire. It is best to place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface.


Do not move the burning candles, otherwise the wax pool will drip onto your hands and get burned. Always wait for the wax to solidify before moving or lighting the candle.


Be vigilant when the candle is about to burn out. When 1 cm of wax is left, remember to extinguish the candle.


In addition to the strong scented candles we use in our home life, some cafes also use coffee scented candles. Tea houses also use scented tea light candles. The main reason is that these places are more frequented by people, and a beautiful environment will attract more customers. Therefore, the boss will buy scented candles online, which is cheap and convenient.

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