Reed Diffuser Not Working Properly?

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Best reed diffusers can fill your home with whatever fragrance you like, but there are many reasons why your diffuser may not work properly or meet your expectations. Therefore, I'd like to introduce some basic troubleshooting to help you fix it and let the fragrance spread again.


The best room diffuser is very simple, which is its main attraction to most people. You don't need a power source and you can easily add/replace reed diffuser sticks because it has no moving parts. The reed diffuser has only three elements to consider: bottle, essential oil and reed. If your reed diffuser doesn't work, all you have to do is check these three elements. Here are some potential problems and solutions.



No Smell of Reed Diffuser


If you can't smell the fragrance from the air wick reed diffuser, follow these steps to find out the reason:


l  Have you run out of the best carrier oil for reed diffuser in your reed diffuser?

l  Do reed sticks need to be replaced?

l  Is there any other strong odor around your diffuser?

l  Is it located where the air flow is restricted?

l  Is the reed stick blocked by dust?

l  Is there a problem with your essential oil?

l  Did you change the scent diffuser stick in the diffuser on time?


If the smell of the reed diffuser is clearly gone, you need to flip or replace the reed first, which is the best and simplest way to do it. Turning the reed once a week can help it flow well from top to bottom. When the smell becomes weak, you need to replace the reed once, usually after a few weeks.


When the nest reed diffuser is dry, you should always replace the reed. Similarly, you have to use a new reed if you use a new essential oil. If you use a diffuser in a large room or think it needs a stronger fragrance, you can also add more reed sticks to it.



The Reed Diffuser is Not Strong Enough to Fit in the Room


If you can't smell the entire room, you can add more scent diffuser sticks to spread the essential oil faster. The standard size of the reed is 12 x 3 mm. Longer reeds help to give off more odor but increasing the number of reeds in the jar is more effective.



Don't Like the Smell of Your Reed Diffuser


The smell of fragrance diffusers is something you can control. When buying reed diffuser, please choose the perfume you want and you can continue to purchase its supplement after use. If you clean up your glass containers or ceramic containers, you can even use the new reeds collocation with a different perfume.


You can find all the classic fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, orange and so on. Also, you can choose a mixed fragrance such as sea breeze and summer wind. The list of scents is endless, so try to find a new essential oil reed diffuser that you like.

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