Scented Candles: To Each His Own

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Nowadays, the prospects for homemade scented candles and custom scented candles are broad. Different aromas emitted by different scented candles have different effects on the body and the environment. After scented candles are ignited, the smell will evaporate to purify the air, eliminate odors, and improve the surrounding air quality.


Peppermint essential oil can help repel mosquitoes, while lavender, green apple, lemon, mint and other ingredients are antibacterial. The resulting lavender scented candle and lemon scented candle are very popular.


When developing fragrances for candles, perfumers must use formulas specific to this purpose. The essential oil of the scented candle is immersed in the wax and evaporates when the wick is burned. In the wax lyrical reed diffuser, the mechanism of releasing fragrance is the evaporation of alcohol.


The chamomile ingredient added by the fragrance candle can make the body and mind extremely calm. It is soothing for people who are easily irritable and stressed, such as those who are frightened, those with more stress and infants and children. It is recommended for pregnant women or children. Rosemary ingredients are used in Europe as a small remedy for headaches and migraines. The addition of rosemary to fragrant candles is also effective for people with headaches and insomnia.


wax lyrical reed diffuser

Lavender ingredients are relatively common in aromatherapy products (such as lavender reed diffuser and lavender scented candle). In addition to sterilization and disinfection, it also has the functions of detoxification and stimulation of the body's immune system. After its stimulation, the wound cells will accelerate regeneration and improve resistance, which can prevent disease from a certain angle.


The mint ingredient added to the scented candle has the effect of refreshing and clarifying thoughts. It is particularly effective against discomfort in the stomach or other digestive system. Respiratory problems, such as dry cough, sinus hemorrhage, asthma, and other diseases are also quite helpful. It can also prevent colds, improve respiratory tract, and nasal sensitivity. When peppermint wax melts, the smell it emits is refreshing.


Scented tea light candles and coffee scented candles exude a fresh fragrance that can help users regain their spirits and keep their mind clear.


Many people use jasmine oil to calm the spirit, promote sleep or reduce depression. It is recommended to keep some jasmine or lavender at home. When you take a bath, drip a few drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil in the water or light an scented candle. The effect is great.


The aroma of roses can be said to be one of the most representative flavors of women. It is not only elegant and restrained but also has a romantic charm, especially suitable for use in dating. Both scented candles and perfumes have this effect.


The sweet and sour grapefruit aroma is so refreshing that you can't put it down. It is suitable for office places, like a breeze in the workplace, gently blowing to leave a light fragrance in people's hearts. When choosing scented candles, you should pay attention to choose candles with a larger candle surface. Because when the candle burns, the more candle tears the candle gathers, the thicker the fragrance will be.

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