Scented Polymer Clay—Is There a Secret Formula?

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In our daily life, we will encounter scented objects in some grocery stores, such as sachets, perfumes, incense candles, clay, etc. Nowadays, micro-foods with rich scented polymer clay, ornaments, scented ceramic stone and jewelry are very popular. But how to make these objects have a light fragrance has always been unclear to us. This article will introduce how to make scented clay.

Essential Oil

Delicate handmade clay with flowers can disperse the aromatherapy  essential oil extracted from various flowers, but once it is baked, it will quickly fade. Even after rubbing some on the baked clay, it will eventually fade. 

Ground Spices and Herbs


Some common spices and herbs can be used as flower scented clay materials, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, rosemary and curry. They are all incorporated into the clay in the form of clathrates, which can disperse the aroma of polymer clay very well, but it will not change color. But if the clay is heated or rubbed, it will fade.


aromatherapy essential oil

Some Lists


Aroma of candle or soap. Candles and soaps are also oil-based, so the aroma is compatible. Maybe there will be some wonderful candles that can maintain their fragrance for a long time. If you add it to aroma stone scent clay, it may keep the aroma longer.


Incense. The aroma of incense is so strong that if you press some incense cones into the clay, they may retain their aroma for a long time.


Vanilla beans. Despite of expensive, vanilla bean seeds and chopped pods are mixed into the clay, and the aroma of the aromatic clay will also be good.


Things to Avoid


There are many alcoholic perfumes on the market. These perfumes are not only weak, but alcohol does not combine with clay like oil. This situation has been proven by experiments using alcohol ink to color polymer clay. Before mixing the ink with the polymer clay, the alcohol must actually be removed from the ink. Therefore, when we choose the decoration scented clay in the market to decorate our room, we should prevent the purchase of this type of clay.


aromatherapy essential oil

Food flavorings and extracts. These things are also based on alcohol, it is not worth trying to experiment, and waste time.


When using scented clay diffusers or ceramic aroma stone diffusers, we should properly shred the aromatic clay, remember not to cut too small, this will make the aroma of the aromatic clay fade prematurely. Cut it into a suitable size and place it in an open place. The fragrance it emits can be kept for a certain period of time.


If you use aromatic clay in cafes, tea houses, KTV and other places of leisure and entertainment, because the amount is relatively large, we can buy scented clay online. Because the online styles are more diverse, it is suitable for us to choose and combine a variety of The price will be much cheaper than the shops around you. Because it is a disposable consumable, the cheaper the better, of course, this is under the premise of ensuring quality.

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