Should I Open My Scented Sachet?

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After buying a sachet bag, many people will be attracted by its fragrance. Out of curiosity, many people may open the sachet to see what material the sachet is made of. However, this is incorrect. When using a small sachet bag, it is best not to open the scented sachet bags.



Why Not Open a Sachet

If you open the sachet pouch, the inside of the sachet will become a mess. The essential oil in the sachet will be exposed to the air, which will accelerate the evaporation of the essential oil. In addition, these essential oils may also be corrosive, will corrode the desktop, and even cause harm to the human body. If the essential oil falls on a wooden table, it may discolor the table. Therefore, try not to open the sachet.


Lavender bags have long service life. Under normal circumstances, sachets can continue to emit aroma for up to 9 months. On most sachet packaging, manufacturers will indicate the shelf life and production date of the sachet. The service life of the lavender pouch is not only affected by temperature, but also by the tightness of the product. If you open your sachet, the aroma in the sachet will be released to the outside world at a faster rate. In this case, the service life of the sachet will be greatly shortened. If you want to enjoy the fragrance of the sachet for a long time, don't open sachet bags for drawers.


Some people like to open the sachet and take out the materials inside the fragrance pouch and place them in every corner of the house. They think that this will not only expand the scope of use of the sachet, but also make the aroma of the sachet more intense. In fact, this is wrong. If you take out the contents of the sachet, this will not only increase the difficulty of cleaning the room, but also may cause some unnecessary losses. Some dried lavender bags contain essential oils. These essential oils are often liquid, so they have a certain fluidity. These essential oils may discolor furniture and even corrode. In addition, if you accidentally step on the essential oil, you may fall. So, don't open the sachet, it will only cause you trouble.



The right Way to Use Sachets

You can put some sachets in your shoes or shoe cabinet, which can remove the odor in the shoes.


You can put some sachet bags for sale in the quilt, so that when you use the quilt, you will smell the scent of the sachet, which can help you relax and help sleep.


You can put some sachets in the storage room at home. Because there are various items in the storage room, the air in the storage room often smells like moldy. Sachets can remove this unpleasant smell and make the air in your storage room fresher.


You can put some sachets in your car. Because the interior of the car is a relatively small and closed space, it is easy to breed odors. The sachet can release the aroma in the car, so that you can have a better mood while driving.

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