Summer Fragrances for Your Home

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Some people's initial impression of summer is high temperature, mosquitoes and other negative images. And this article will introduce you to some products that belong to the fragrance of summer. In summer you light some beautiful candles at home to create a good atmosphere. Whether you want to spend a beautiful and relaxing moment on the journey, or want to create a beautiful open-air dining experience with a few candles on your terrace, or have a romantic candlelight dinner with your friends, luxury scented candle is one of the indispensable items to create romantic atmosphere.


The choice of candle scent is the same as that of perfume. The scent of the perfume is usually divided into pre-scent, mid-scent and post-scent. There are also some scented candles most people like, such as rose scented candles, lavender scented candles and scented tea light candles.


Summer Candles with Great Fragrances


Here are some candles you might want to try this summer:

M and Sense (Suzhou) Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of scented candle, reed diffuser, room spray and other scented products.


1. Every Moment Pomegranate Noir 310g Scented Candle


The fragrance includes lemon, laurel, armoise, artemisia, clove, pomegranate and plum. It is understood that the main role of lemon is to eliminate tension and anxiety, and invigorate the spirit. It also helps to promote blood circulation, sterilization and analgesia; balances oil secretion, shrinks pores, diminishes marks, and relieves skin aging. The fresh breath of lemon in summer makes us refreshed.

scented tea light candles


2. Every Moment Series Black Vetyver Café 400g Scented Candle


The fragrance includes lemon, cypress, spices, transparent floral scent, cedarwood, amber, sandalwood and coffee. The aromas of coffee scented candle and pine scented candle are very attractive to me. The coffee roast tastes very sweet, but it will get tired for too long. When the candle is burning, the warm candle light is emitted through the transparent cup, and the light candle fragrance is floating in the air. This wonderful atmosphere is best for summer evenings. After turning off the lights at night, accompanied by aroma and candlelight, this candle is at least a kind of soothing when the feeling of loneliness at night is the most intense.

scented tea light candles


3. Sound of Wind Collection Forest Feast 310g Scented Candles


Scent notes include:

Top Notes: apple, pear, almond, almond, green, pie;

Middle Notes: cinnamon, jasmine, peach, cocoa;

Base Notes: vanilla, cedar, caramel, tonka bean, musk.


The fragrance of this scented candle is very attractive. This strong scented candle has sweet and sour fruity aroma, fresh floral aroma and unique woody aroma. It is much more advanced than a single scent. This complex scent is emitted by cinnamon spiced vanilla candle, apple cinnamon candle and midnight jasmine.


In addition to the above candles, my favorite candle scent in summer is cucumber melon candle. This candle perfectly captures the fun of eating melons in summer. The candles made of exquisite vegetable wax and beautiful frosted peels burn clean for 50 hours.

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