The 12 Best Scents For Hotel Lobbies & Hospitality Brands

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The hotel lobby is the first place for customers to contact after entering the hotel. In order to make a good impression on customers, hotel managers will pay attention to the scent of the air in the hotel lobby and the will spray the room spray in the lobby. The following hotel scents have been deemed among the most popular in the industry, most of which have been adapted for use in premier hotels throughout the world.



Green Tea and Lemongrass

Green tea mixed with Lemongrass will give off a light herbal fragrance. You can also add some rose essential oil or jasmine essential oil in the room freshener, so that it can make the taste richer. This air freshener spray can make the hotel's environment better and suitable for hotels in the tropics.



White Tea and Thyme

This room freshener spray has a refreshing and clean fragrance. The smell of herbs can be neutralized by the smell of white tea, making it less pungent. The white tea room spray is suitable for some international hotels, especially those for Asian guests.



English Pear and Freesia

The smell of the room air freshener not only has faint fragrance of flowers, but also has a refreshing fruit flavor. Because of this, this room spray will give people a relaxed feeling. Spraying this best room freshener in the lobby of the hotel can relax the mood of the customers. Customers often feel tired after a day's play. When they enter the hotel lobby and smell the smell, they will feel sleepy and have a good sleep. To purchase this essential oil room spray, you can visit M%Sense's official website for more information.



Green Bamboo

The fresh and clean smell of green bamboo is very popular in hotels, because clean means safety and security for customers. This complex fragrance includes the aromas of weeds, jasmine petals and orange flowers and white orchids. The aftertaste of white musk and green bamboo can attract men and women, so this kind of automatic room freshener is very popular in the lobby and restaurants of the hotel.



White Tea and Fig

This exotic and complex smell can not only make customers feel comfortable, but also make them feel luxurious. This complex and delicate fragrance gives a light white tea and oriental flavor.



Fresh Cotton

The smell of cotton is a mild smell with strong nostalgia. When customers smell this scent, they will feel very comfortable as if they are in the spring breeze. When the smell of cotton mixed with the smell of orange, its smell will become a multi-layered, pure and clean smell.



Fresh Rain

The hotel likes this kind of fragrance, because the fresh rain is the cleanest and the most exquisite fragrance. Psychologically, people want the rain to wash away the unclean things from them. When the smell of rain is mixed with the smell of fresh flowers and soil, it will become calm and promote people to think and relax.




The ocean is probably the most complex place in the world, so its smell is also very complex. The smell consists of algae, marine life and natural brine. Although the smell of the ocean may vary with minerals and elements, the overall smell of the ocean is universal. This kind of essential oil air freshener is ideal for beach resorts.




This sultry, intense smell includes pomegranate, pear, citrus and green palm. The middle notes of this room freshener liquid consists of coconut odor and geranium odor, while the base notes are composed of amber, cedar and musk.



Green Tea and Sage

The smell of green tea is a very important element in Japanese art and culture. It has certain bactericidal function and soothing effect. Therefore, this fresh and clean fragrance is very popular in international hotels in Asia and around the world.



Green Tea and Aloe

It's a strong and delicate aroma, which contains vanilla, citrus and aloe. It is described as a light sweetness, refreshing. The smell will be popular in hotels and resorts featuring hot springs and saunas.

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