The Best Ideas for Decorating with Scented Candles

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In daily life, aromatherapy candles are home decoration items, which are conducive to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. So do we know how to decorate the aromatherapy candle? Let's have a look below.



1. How to Use Aromatherapy Candle Correctly

(1) Premise

There should be a ventilated room. It is not about lighting aromatherapy candles while maintaining ventilation. It is to ensure that the indoor air is not dirty before lighting, and that the indoor air is just ventilated before lighting the candles. Otherwise, imagining in a room full of cigarette smoke, what kind of flavor would it be after lighting aromatherapy candles? General diffusers include room scene diffuser, nest bamboo diffuserorganic reed diffuser, etc.

room scene diffuser

 (2) Keep the Air Flow Stable in the House

Aromatherapy candle is easy to shake or flicker because of air flow, so choose the place where there is no violent air flow. In this way, the combustion can be more stable.


(3) When Ignited

When the above two conditions are met, about 10 minutes after ignition, there will be a light aroma slowly floating. Because the aromatherapy candle made of bean wax burns at a low temperature and smokeless, smoke will not be seen. When burning, there is no need to trim the wax core, and there will be no impurities, extremely convenient. Generally speaking, when the burning time is about 20 minutes to 40 minutes, the room will be full of fragrant and fresh flavor. However, it should not be burned for more than two hours, otherwise the aroma will be too full, which may run counter to one's desire.


(4) Ignition Mode

Some people think that an essential oil candle can make a room full of fragrance, while others like the style of seven or eight candles. There are no special restrictions. If the room is big enough, it does not matter if there are more than a few candles. If it does not overdo, not limited to form and quantity.


(5) Do Not Light Candles with Different Fragrance in the Same Room at the Same Time

In addition, do not light different scented candles in the same room at the same time. After lighting one, if other flavors are wanted to be tried, let the air in the room circulate and make sure that there is no fragrance left in the room, then light another aromatherapy candle. The concrete diffusers include best bathroom diffuser, nest cedar leaf and lavender diffuserpine reed diffuser, etc.

light candle


(6) Physical and Mental Mode

The important thing is not what kind of fragrant candle it is, but the relaxed and happy mood after lighting the candle. Relaxing the body and mind, reducing the pressure in the heart, is the effect of aromatherapy candle lighting.



2. Key Points of Decorative Usage of Aromatherapy Candle

(1) Usage Time of Aromatherapy Candle

It is suggested that the combustion should last for 2-3 hours each time. After the combustion is stopped, the window should be opened for ventilation to let the indoor air circulate.


(2) Not Suitable for Dining Table

Aromatherapy candles are not suitable for dining table use because the aroma of candles will mask that of food. Of course, the effect of some aromatherapy candles is to inhibit appetite, which is prepared for weight loss women.


(3) Suitable Space

Aromatherapy candle can be applied in bathroom, office, psychotherapy room and other spaces. Aromatherapy candles can be sent as  housewarming gifts, business gifts, birthday gifts, and gifts to sympathy expression for sickness, etc.


(4) Only One Kind of Aromatherapy Candle in the Same Space and at the Same Time

Different scented candles should be avoided at the same time in the same space. If different scents are mixed, it may produce strange fragrance combinations. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize one fragrance in the same space and ventilate before adopting another one.


(5) Pay Attention to Safety

Take out the candle from the box, cut the wick to 0.6cm long before lighting, and place it on the fireproof container when it is used. The burning candle container will be hot, so it is necessary to extinguish the candle and wait for the container to cool before moving. In order to avoid fire, please use it when someone is around.


It is easy to find the right aromatherapy candle in the store or on the website. The price varies depending on the type, color and quantity of the candle. Suitable diffusers include nest oil diffuserfire earth diffuserhomemate reed diffuser with water, best smoothing reed diffusers, etc.

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