The Difference Between Various Types of Aromatherapy Fragrances

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Taste is the social mode of modern people. What impression do you want to leave in the minds of others? The home fragrance is for the fragrance you want to stay with when you or your family get along. The real exquisiteness is not to be seen in places that others cannot see. To understand the difference between fragrances, we must first know which fragrances are available, and how these fragrances work or how to use them. Since its development, fragrance has become a necessity for people's quality of life. No matter home, hotel, airport, etc., aroma can be seen everywhere. The aromas discussed in this article mainly include scented candle, reed diffuser, rattan scent, scented lamp, etc. 


Fragrance candle

Scented Candle


Scented candles are a milestone invention for candles. In the modern era when candle lighting is no longer needed, candles are given a reason to continue to shine and are loved by millions of people. Scented pillar candles are a relatively traditional way to add fragrance to the living room. On a quiet night, or when you need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the essential embellishments. Fragrance candle can be placed in any ideal place such as office, residence, library, etc. It is one of the popular aromatherapy methods in Europe and America.


Personally, on quiet nights, I lie in bed and listen to light music and smell the aroma of coffee scented candles. The smell of coffee makes me feel like being in a cafe.


Scented candles are prepared by adding the blended flavors to the hot wax. After cooling, they form scented candles, which can be used directly when lit, so that the indoor fragrance is overflowing, and it can also add fun and create a romantic atmosphere.


Pure natural plant essential oils added to high-quality scented candles also have the effects of calming, rejuvenating, and soothing emotions. Some brands of candles can release fragrance even without burning. The wax liquid after burning candles using coconut wax or candles with vitamin E and other substances can also be used to massage and moisturize the skin.


Fragrance candle

Rattan Fragrance


The people in the rattan fragrance industry will habitually call them fire-free aromatherapy, which is the gospel of lazy people. The rattan fragrance inserts the rattan with good volatility into the fragrance bottle filled with fragrance liquid, and allows it to volatize the fragrance freely and continuously. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc., and its value is quite high. Reed diffuser is also called "rattan aromatherapy", "fire-free aromatherapy", and it is a very popular environmental protection air freshener and furniture and daily necessities in some countries. The finished aromatherapy liquid diffuses into the air through a certain carrier (such as rattan, grass flowers, cotton rope, etc.). The air is filled with fragrance to achieve the effects of improving the air and pleasing the body and mind.


Similar to rattan fragrance, there is also scented stone, which uses aromatherapy volatile liquid. This volatile liquid is made by blending the prepared fragrance into a chemical solvent. Both use the medium to volatilize the aroma liquid into the air to achieve the purpose of aromatherapy.


Aroma Reed Diffuser


Aroma reed diffuser needs to be equipped with power supply. Compared with traditional aromatherapy, this aromatherapy method may be more focused on humidification, purification and other functions. In fact, the working principle of essential oil reed diffuser is very simple. The operation principle of common ultrasonic humidifier that we are familiar with is the same as that of aroma reed diffuser. Because aromaworks reed diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to dissolve water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into nanometer-sized cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns and distribute it in the surrounding air. Its mist particles are evenly small, making the air full of fragrance.


It atomizes water and pure plant essential oils in various ways to maintain a high humidity in the living room and generate a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air and at the same time achieve the effect of aromatherapy, which can assist in the treatment and alleviation of flu, high Blood pressure, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a protective role in the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the metabolism of the human body.


Similar to the reed diffuser is the scented lamp. The aroma lamp is to add water and essential oil to the tray. The light is generated by the lighted candle to accelerate the evaporation of the aroma oil to the air. The same principle applies to lamp heating.


Various types of aromatherapy are mainly different in usage. If you like simplicity and convenience, it is recommended to use scented candle and rattan fragrance, which will reduce the trouble of adding and buying supporting products. If you need more additional functions, such as humidification and purification, you can choose fragrance diffuser. Different people can choose the aromatherapy method that suits them according to their living habits.

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