What Is Aromatherapy Yoga

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Definition of Aromatherapy Yoga


Aromatherapy yoga is a unique exercise that allows the body to obtain cyclic metabolism, exercise the human spine, stretch muscles, and sculpt.


Introduction of Aromatherapy Yoga


Aroma yoga adheres to the true meaning of oriental Indian Yoga, combined with the five-sense therapy of western aromatherapy, using the yoga posture method, breath circulation, aromatherapy massage, yoga spa and the unique effects of plant or flower essential oils, so that the body can obtain a balance of circulation and metabolism, and fully exercise the central column of the human body: spine. It can also stretch muscles and sculpt. Massage the internal organs through the unique chest and abdomen-style breathing method, adjust the endocrine, improve the detoxification function of the lymphatic system, and relax the nerves and relieve stress through rest and meditation. It can also improve sleep and achieve the purpose of burning excess fat all over the body and removing fat from the waist, abdomen and buttocks of the body. It achieves harmony and unity of body and mind through weight loss and body.

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Origin of Aromatherapy Yoga


The first yoga practitioners used incense from the ascetic. Due to the tropical region of India, it is easy to produce body scale and foul odor in harsh environment. In order to cleanse the body, they use incense wood into a fragrant soup for bathing; or mix the spices on the body; or burn incense in the room to help meditation. This is the origin of aroma yoga.


Aromatherapy yoga in the modern sense is no longer the practice of practicing yoga in offering incense. It combines the aromatherapy of western civilization for more than 2000 years, as well as the most advanced technology extraction method, extracting the essence of flowers essential oils from thousands of flowers. Then by means of breath circulation in yoga exercises, yoga massage, yoga spa, etc., they can be used to help disperse the aroma of plant essential oils and achieve the best curative effect, so that our body can achieve a balance between circulation and metabolism. This seeks inner balance.


Air wick essential oil diffuser or essential oil burner electric is usually used in yoga studio to gradually scent the essential oil. Some yoga studios also use flower scented clay directly on the plate, waiting for the fragrance on the clay to naturally evaporate. Therefore, customers will like this smell as soon as they enter the yoga studio. Then before doing yoga, natures garden fragrance oils will be prepared in advance, and then evenly applied on all parts of the body, so that the essential oil gradually penetrates into the human body with the yoga movement to achieve the essential oil's effect.

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Many people do aromatherapy yoga at home. Although the effect may be worse than that of yoga studios, the overall performance is not bad. At this time, in addition to using essential oils, we can also use essential oil air freshener instead of essential oils. At the same time, this essential oil room spray can also purify our indoor environment, making us not only more comfortable when doing yoga, but also feel comfortable in daily life.


Effect of Aromatherapy Yoga


Aromatherapy yoga focuses on the overall conditioning of women, the purification of body and mind, improves the body's self-healing ability, enhances the overall immune ability, so that the whole body can be effectively treated and adjusted. It is very effective in helping diseases such as insomnia, neurasthenia, neurosis, constipation, irregular menstruation, obesity, chloasma, hypertension, diabetes, frozen shoulder, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.


Aromatherapy yoga is a way of life. Choosing it means choosing the secret of enjoying a healthy and beautiful life. Aromatherapy yoga is an attitude to life, to cultivate self-confidence, to move forward with courage to face the setbacks in life, and cherish life. Aromatherapy yoga is a realm of life. Aromatherapy yoga is a spiritual melody that makes people pay attention to the inner world, re-understand themselves, learn to experience life, and care for life. Aromatherapy yoga is a kind of body-building fitness exercise, is a combination of dynamic and static low-energy aerobic exercise. At the same time as sculpting the figure, it removes the negative energy deep in the soul, thereby improving the social adaptability, and is suitable for people of all ages to practice.

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