What Is Scented Clay?

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Previously, we focused on the functions of burners, reed diffusers and scented candles. In this article, we will introduce another kind of "artifact" that will scentscented clay.

Scented clay is made of porous clay, which can absorb essential oils and emit a light smell. Although compared with the strong scent of scented candles and reed diffusers, the coverage of scented clay is not strong. But they are suitable for closed areas that only need a little fresh smell, such as libraries.


In any boutique, we often find that its display racks are decorated with delicate handmade clay with flowers such as roses, carnations and lotus flowers. These clays are called scented clay diffusers and are one of the fire-free aroma diffuser methods.


Fire-free aromatherapy is to evaporate natural plant essential oil containing micro-oxygen through a special constant temperature gasification core, which cannot produce sufficient fresh pure oxygen, and can not release a large amount of ozone (has certain toxicity) and negative ions. It can only release aromatic molecules from plants and make our original polluted environment fresh and healthy.


At present, fire-free aromatherapy has become the first choice of many countries in terms of purifying the air, improving environmental hygiene, preventing diseases, enhancing physical fitness, regulating brain function and protecting olfactory function. This kind of fragrance is popular all over the world.


scented clay diffusers

How to Use Scented Clay


Add 15 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil to the clay, such as rose essential oil, which is popular among people, and seal it in a box overnight so that the oil is completely immersed in the clay. Then the next day, take it out and place it in the desired area, such as a bathroom or office, to allow the odor to diffuse gently. The scent will not always be present, generally 10 to 15 drops need to be added every 2 to 3 days.


Some scented clay diffusers are also equipped with cotton cores at the bottom and filled with essential oil diffuser liquid in the vase. Pour aromatherapy essential oil into the container, and insert one end of the cotton core into the bottle. The cotton core will slowly inhale the essential oil, and then the other end will naturally volatilize in the air. In fact, the function of this cotton core is similar to that of the scented ceramic charming rattan stick. It is only suitable for use in a small area. The advantage is simple operation, pure fragrance volatility, and can maintain the pure and soft feeling of essential oils. When the essential oil diffuser liquid is almost used up, refill the vase. 


scented clay diffusers

The porous clay will absorb essential oils and emit a subtle fragrance. These aroma stone scent clay and flower scented clay can also be used as home decoration.


In addition to porous clay, ceramic aroma stone diffuser and scented ceramic stone for air freshener are also common sources of aroma.


It is also important to choose good aromatherapy oils. Poor essential oil liquid is blended with all-chemical flavors and low-grade alcohol without any testing. It smells pungent, and if more serious, it can cause syncope and other phenomena. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good merchant when choosing aromatherapy products.

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