What are the Functions of Oil Burner and Diffuser?

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The oil burner is not unfamiliar to us, because we can often see the fragrance curling in the antique fragrance oil heater in the costume TV series. The fragrance oil heater has been handed down from ancient times to the present and has been loved by people. Do you know how to use the waxworks citronella oil burner?

Introduction of Oil Burner

The oil burner is also called a fumigating stove, a flavor stove or an oil stove, which is a small stove used for oil burning. The shape of the Chinese oil burner is exquisite and elegant, which began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Up to now, it has evolved into a kind of handicraft beyond its own function.



Usage of Oil Burner


There are two main types of oil burner in the market: electric oil burner and candle oil burner.


(1)  Usage of Candle Oil Burner


l  Pour about 2 / 3 of the hot water into the bowl at the top of the carrier oil for burner.

l  Add 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil in hot water.

l  The special candle after lighting is placed under the homemade fragrance oil burner and the fragrance will spread out after the water temperature rises. The candle can be blown out according to the need after the aroma is rich.


(2)  Usage of Electric Oil Burner


l  Plug the power plug of the best electric oil burner into the socket.

l  Add 8% hot water into the groove above the oil burner.

l  According to the size of the oil burner, drop 2-5 drops of essential oil into the hot water.

l  A few minutes after turning on the burner, the aroma will spread.


Whether it's a candle burner or an electric one, the handmade ceramic oil burner is the best choice, because it has the best aroma spreading effect. If you want to be as convenient as possible or use it for a long time at night, you can choose an electric oil burner to avoid the tedious work of lighting candles and the trouble of aroma interruption after the candle is burned out.



Suggestions on the Use of Oil Burner


l  When you need to change the fragrance, please dispose of the water used by the flameless oil burner and the essential oil.

l  In general, it is not recommended to use different flavors in the same space, because it will produce a combination of string flavor and strange fragrance.

l  The temperature of the body of the oil burner just used is high, so don't touch it to avoid scalding.

l  In order to prevent accidents, a square oil burner should place in the occupied room and it needs to be kept away from children.

l  Different essential oils have different effects and chemical oils are far less effective and healthier than plant oils.



What are the Functions of Oil Burner?


l  Get rid of indoor odor. In the new house after decoration or when there is a lot of lampblack, you can light the cute oil burner and its strong aroma can dispel headache odor.

l  Elegant aroma makes people relaxed and concentrated.

l  As a handicraft, it beautifies the indoor environment and improves the interior decoration quality.

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