What is Reed Diffuser?

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Rattan incense, also known as reed diffuser or perfume diffuser, is a very popular environmental protection air freshener and daily necessities in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea.


The Origin of Reed Diffuser


For hundreds of years, Europeans have used fragrance diffuser sticks to keep the smell of living space fresh, especially Europeans prefer to fill the empty olive oil bottle with their favorite fragrance diffuser oil. With the integration of different cultures, reed diffuser has become popular in the American market. Media and TV programs (such as Oprah Winfrey) began to promote reed diffuser, which can be used to create a better living space with natural fragrance and has been recognized by more European and American people.


reed diffuser oil

China has always been the main processing base of reed diffuser in the world and Hong Kong customers processed reed diffuser sticks products in mainland China decades ago. International orders are mainly produced in Chinese mainland, but the following environmental safety regulations have also raised the threshold of the industry, which makes reed diffuser materials have been changing. After years of vigorous integration, reed diffuser solvent materials have changed from the beginning of water and alcohol to the volatile solvents of reed diffuser, which are suitable for European and American market regulations. Domestic reed diffuser volatiles are already in the leading position in the field of dilution solvent. It is the largest number of customers in the reed diffuser industry, with the most complete types of solvents and the largest market share. Customers have covered all regions of the country where perfume diffusers are produced.


The development of reed diffuser started late in China and the original unit price of imported scented diffuserwas more than hundreds of yuan per piece, so it was difficult for reed diffuser to enter ordinary families. With the improvement of people's living standards and the love of fashion life, more and more businesses begin to pay attention to the development of the home fragrance diffuser market in recent years and the price of reed diffuser has also been greatly reduced. Now you can buy a bottle of reed diffuser which can last for 1-3 months and continuously emit pleasant fragrance on the Internet for only a few tens of yuan. In addition, the flavor type can be selected by yourself.



How to Use Reed Diffuser?


After opening the bottle stopper, immerse one end of the reed stick in the reed diffuser oil until the reed stick is wet. Then put the other end in the bottle. Small space (such as bathroom) only need to insert a small number of reed sticks to meet your needs. If it is placed in a large space, you need to appropriately increase the number of reed sticks. When the reed diffuser base oil has been finished, you can supplement it and the reed stick can continue to be used. This recycling process is quite environmentally friendly.



Matters Needing Attention During Reed Diffuser Using


l  Although there are only a small number of best carrier oil for reed diffusers is flammable, they should be kept away from open fire;

l  Reed diffuser oil should not be directly ingested into the body or eyes. If there is discomfort after contact, seek medical advice in time;

l  Best reed diffusers should be placed in a safe place out of the children;

l  If you pour out the essential oil accidentally, be sure to wipe it off in time.

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