What is Special About Woodwick Candles?

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Existing candle wicks are generally made of cotton wicks. However, the cotton wick is soft, and it is easy to lie down and deviate from the center of the candle during the burning process, which will cause candle flame instability and insufficient combustion. In addition, the cotton wick easily emits smoke when burning, which will have a certain impact on users.


With the improvement of people's living standards, the use of candles is not only for lighting, but also for decoration and atmosphere adjustment(that is fragrant candles). Therefore, people's requirements for candles are gradually increasing. Compared with the cotton wick, the wooden wick is not easy to lie down, the flame is more stable when burning, and it is not easy to smoke. The effect of the candle made with the wooden wick is far better than that of the cotton wick candle.


The high-quality wooden wick is made of one of white oak, silver oak, red vine, black walnut, teak or white maple, mahogany teakwood, which is processed and polished.


scented tea light candles

Function of Wooden Scented Candle


Due to some unique functions, these scented candles are different from standard jar candles. They include short and wide wicks made of organic wood. When the wick is lit, it will make a harsh sound, imitating the crackling of the wood in the fireplace. Therefore, you will get a high-quality aroma and crackling sound, bringing you an extraordinary smell and hearing experience.


Clean Burn


Compared with many other candles, the scented pillar candles burn more cleanly. They will produce a natural smell and will not diffuse more smoke in your living space. For example, after properly burning scented tea light candles or candles of thymes frasier fir, they can last a long time without burning wax.

thymes frasier fir


Storage of Scented Candles


The fragrance candle is very sensitive to light and temperature. Therefore, in order to avoid discoloration and melting of candles, it is best to store them in a cool and dark place, and the storage temperature should not exceed 27 degrees. And it's best to put a lid on (to extinguish the candle). When stored open, not only is it easy to fall into dust, the bigger problem is that the fragrance is easily lost. If you do not have a lid and don’t want to buy it separately, you can leave the packaging at that time.


Scented candles are a relatively traditional way of adding fragrance to the living room. On a quiet night, or when you need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the essential embellishments. For example, Christmas scented candle will make the night more atmospheric. The beating flames and diffuse fragrance make people feel a kind of warm feeling. Through scents for candles, people ease the tension and busyness of life. It can be placed in any ideal place such as office and residence, which is one of the popular aromatherapy methods in Europe and America. The scented candle with wooden wick as a unique charm candle will have a very soft crackle when lit, just like the sound of a bonfire from a distant place, making the night more romantic and charming. In addition to the scented candles with wooden wicks, room fragrance diffuser can also diffuse the fragrance in your home.

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