What is a Triple Scented Candle?

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Aromatherapy candle, soap, shower gel, beverage and other products can be calledadding aroma products. They are products that can satisfy the requirements of people by adding blended essence. Common diffusers include room diffuser, perfome diffuser, lavender reed diffuser, etc.



1. How to Add the Fragrance of Jasmin Candle?

To understand this problem, it is necessary to know the production process of aromatherapy candle.


(1) Production Process of Aromatherapy Candle

Preparation of Materials

Prepare wax melting pot, glass cup, glass stirring rod, small induction cooker, small electronic scale (to calculate the proportion) and other tools.



Add the prepared soybean wax (or beeswax, paraffin wax) into the wax melting pot and melt separating from water.


Cup Filling

Pour the melted wax into the glass. Pay attention to control the temperature not too high when waxing, otherwise the wax surface will appear cracks when it solidifies and cools.


lavender reed diffuser

Adding Fragrance

Pour the loved sweet smell essence into wax liquid and stir it evenly with glass rod. The ratio is controlled at about 3%~10%. This step is the key of this paper. General diffusers include bathroom fragrance diffuser, organic reed diffuser, natural reed diffusers, etc.


Insert the Candle Wick

Insert the candle wick when the wax is almost cooled. The wick is made of cotton or wood.


(2) The Addition of Fragrance

According to the production process, the fragrance of candles is from adding essence to melt wax.


About Essence

Essence can be divided into essence for daily use and essence for food. Essence for food is added into fruit juice and other beverages, and essence for daily use is added into aromatherapy candles, soap and so on, in line with the national standard requirements, harmless to the human body. The ingredients of essence are complex, which is made up of many compounds or mixtures with odor. Natural ingredients such as essential oils and extractums can also be added to increase the natural fragrance.


② the Ratio of Adding Essence

The proportion of essence adding is generally over 3% or less than 10%. Generally, about 5% is very good.


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3. Triple Scented Candle

Over the past few decades, candle manufacturers have made great progress in the design and performance of their products. In the past, paraffin wax in general aromatherapy candle had 3% fragrance loading, which was the most common. Later, different waxes, such as paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax, were able to contain and emit more fragrance. However, different waxes have different fragrance loading, and the maximum fragrance loading of each wax is also different, some even as high as 12%. Generally speaking, candles on the market today contain more fragrance than those in the past.


Therefore, the triple scented candle mentioned here has three times the fragrance of the ordinary scented candle, or three times that of the paraffin wax candle with a small proportion of fragrance sold decades ago.


If there is more fragrance loading in the aromatherapy candle, it will naturally increase the extent and scope of candle fragrance. However, candle making is a very delicate process, and it may take a long time to determine the best spice percentage to obtain the best fragrance transmission effect. Diffusers include fragrance diffusers, coconunt diffuser, fragrance reed diffuser, best fragrance diffuser, etc.

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