What kind of Aromatherapy Products Should Be Used in the Corresponding Occasion?

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Different aromatherapy products have different characteristics. However, no matter which one is applied in the right occasion, it can give full play to its wonderful and unique personality and will be icing on the cake to different scenes. General diffusers include luxury diffuser, thymes frasier fir diffuser, sandalwood reed diffuser, etc.



1. Restaurant — Every Moment Series English Pear & Freesia 100ml Room Spray

Fruit flavor is especially suitable for restaurants. The fruit fragrance includes the fragrance dominated by various citrus fruits and the fragrance of many tropical fruits. Citrus is the dominant fruit flavor. The commonly used spices include lemon, orange, grapefruit and fingered citron. This kind of aroma has a light sweet and sour aroma, fresh and dry.



2. Living Room — Neo Fresh Collection Spring & Floral 150g Scented Candle and 100ml Room Spray

The living room is suitable for the fragrance of flowers and fruits. They always bring a warm and comfortable feeling. Flower and fruit fragrance is most easily accepted by children and the elderly. It is suitable for a happy family reunion scene and also suitable for party time.



3. Bedroom — Neo Fresh Collection Lavender Sage 150g Scented Candle and 100ml Room Spray

Lavender is fresh and elegant and smells very comfortable, with sedative hypnotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. The smell of sage is slightly pungent and has a slight camphor smell. Salvia japonica can relieve headache and other symptoms. As long as the flavors are ones loved flavors, they are all good flavors for the bedroom, which can let people have a sense of security and relaxation.


scented candle


4. Study — Every Moment Series Black Vetiver Cafe 400g Scented Candle

The mixture of cypress, sandalwood, mocha coffee and musk is always calming. Not only the study, but also the reading corner, or the office, even the bookstore, are suitable for such a low-key and luxurious taste.



5. Toilet — Every Moment Essential Pomegranate Noir 100ml Room Spray

All the flavors that make people think ofcleanare suitable for the bathroom. Laurel, lemon, artemisia, cloves are great. Diffusers include best lavender reed diffuser, lemon reed diffuser, lavender room diffuser, etc.


6. Entrance — Neo Fresh Collection Blooming Orchid 150g Scented Candle and 100ml Room Spray

The moment of opening the door is full of warmth and fruity aroma, such as apple and mellon. Elegant blooming orchid and quiet sandalwood make the space full of style.



reed diffuser

7. Travel Hotel — Every Moment Series Orange Blossom 300g Wax Refill

When traveling or staying in a hotel on business, what is needed most is a good sleep. With lighted orange scented candle before going to bed, the sweet fragrance of orange flower can soothe the body and mind, stabilize the mood, eliminate the rush fatigue, and promote good sleep at night.


The above are suitable for different occasions of aromatherapy products. But the usage of all aromatherapy products is not absolute. There is only one criterion to judge whether a flavor is suitable for a space or not, that is, whether it is people's favorite fragrance flavor.


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