What to Know Before Using a Reed Diffuser?

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In recent years, consumers have increasingly chosen fragrance diffusers as the source of fragrance in their homes. This is not surprising because they are environmentally friendly and do not consume energy, which are usually made of natural or recyclable materials. Unlike candles, there is no danger of a house on fire because they can be left unattended. Now, you can buy a bottle of reed diffuser oil online.


Reeds of Reed Diffuser


When it comes to the intensity of the aroma released by the best reed diffusers, it is worth remembering that the materials used are almost as important as the spices themselves. Reeds are usually made of rattan or synthetic polyamide. The latter is more suitable for evaporation and is preferred to be used with no-alcohol compositions to compensate for its slower evaporation rate. In addition, you need to consider the thickness of the reed diffuser sticks. For optimum performance, we recommend the use of wood sticks with a thickness of about 3 mm. Thicker scent diffuser sticks absorb more essential oils and diffuse more odors into the air. It also means that your diffuser will consume more oil, so the duration will be shorter at the same time.


It may be necessary to turn the reed sticks over to increase evaporation and prevent sticks from clogging, especially wood sticks. In fact, reeds tend to get dusty and clogged over time, which means the efficiency will be decreased. You should also make sure that your air wick reed diffuser is placed in a place with a constant flow of people to help the fragrance spread throughout the room as the air circulates.


Essential Oils for Reed Diffuser


In terms of its technical characteristics, the fragrance in the best room diffuser is usually based on alcohol or solvent, which helps to release the fragrance during volatilization. Alcohol will increase volatility and make the smell more obvious. It can also be alcohol-free, but in this case the evaporation rate is slower and the smell is less obvious. The only benefit is that the fragrance can last for a longer time.


Generally speaking, the recommended essential oil reed diffuser is a fragrance diffuser that can provide a natural and warm atmosphere in the customer's home. The scent of the candle will only be released when it is lit, while the fragrance of the reed diffuser will remain stable when there is homemade diffuser oil in the container. A 100ml reed diffuser usually lasts for about a month. However, it also depends on the number of reeds used.


While you might think it's hard to innovate with nest reed diffusers, there are companies that are developing reed diffusers that can be controlled by mobile applications. These devices usually add a fan to the original to help increase or reduce the amount of fragrance released into the air.

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